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Those of you that know me know I am an avid online shopper. From make up to groceries, if I had a choice I would never go to a mall or leave the house. Am I the only woman that hates shopping? Online shopping is a way of life, in my pajama pants, sipping on coffee, being comfortable, what could be better?
However, you always hear those stories of goods being broken or just lost in transit(especially international shipping) or some things missing in a package. I am lucky to have had mostly good online shopping experiences but there is one that went above and beyond my expectations so I had to write about her. Her name is Genevieve e’Sousa and she she makes the most beautiful make up brush holders. She has agreed a small interview online as she lives in Johannesburg.
Where did you get the idea to create make up brush holders? 
Genevieve: I got a similar idea online. I saw the images on one of the pages I follow and wanted to order one…but shipping alone was $99 which was way too expensive! So I thought of trying it out myself. It took a lot of practice and time and I finally mastered it after days and weeks of practicing. ☺
I couldn’t find anywhere in South Africa that sells these beauties so I thought it would be a really great item to bring into SA! As many beauty lovers want something pretty and sparkly on there vanity.
What is the process of making these brush holders? 
When making these beauties and getting them perfect for the perfect customer. It takes approximately 2-3 days to make a holder depending on the customization that the customer requires. It takes a lot of patience but the end result is amazing.
You can find how they are magically transformed below 🙂 

                                             BEFORE & AFTER IMAGES

 How long have you been making these beauties?
I started my little own business 3 months ago and has been one great ride. Many individuals demand having these holders. The name of my business has been finalized, it was previously make up brush holders. I wanted something more catchy.
Whats next in line for your business?
In the near future I will be specializing in all things vanity. I will be selling brushes to go with the holders. I will also be selling draw organizers for your blushes and eye shadows, vanity organizers of all shapes and sizes as well as trays, so this adventure is going to be amazing, basically a one stop shop for all things vanity and it is very exciting!
What keeps you going / inspired?
Having my own business has always been a dream of mine since I was 6 years old! And finally it is starting to come true. I absolutely love what I am doing and brings me joy when I read great customer feedback on how much they love my work. It makes me want to move forward in life and make everyone happy . It also inspires me to come up with new ideas.

Lets go back to my shopping experience with Genevieve.

I have already highlighted the weirdo that I am. You have seen how beautiful Genevieve’s designs are above and there is many more in different colours and different text but I wanted to design my own holder. I chose the one colour Genevieve didn’t have, green, as well as got my own alien image to be designed and text made specifically for me.
Genevieve being the brilliant business woman she is, kept me in the loop the entire way. When she went to choose the green glitter, she sent me pictures and I could choose which green I like. How nice?! The alien image I chose was a tattoo so it was difficult to design and she had it redone about 3 times before I gave her the okay to go ahead and print it. (I am not usually this difficult as a customer!)
Not to mention she also delivered it to my cousin in Johannesburg as she was coming to Cape Town. But she also couriers to Cape Town! It came out beautifully and I am literally in love  it! <3

My custom designed make up brush holder.

By the way Genevieve is also a full time students, kudos on running a business and studying!
You may find her on the platforms below or you can contact her on 0607495641.whatsapp-image-2017-02-13-at-09-46-42
Facebook link: 
Instagram: @the_beautygem 
PS. She does customize her products if you would like(but you can’t use my design) Just kidding! 😛 Also, boys if you still scrambling around trying to get your girl a valentines gift, @the_beautygem has some  especially designed for Valentines day!
Thank you to everyone for reading and I hope you enjoy what comes next!
Until then stay weird!

 Miss Dhanusha


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