Liquid lipstick battle: Nyx Lip Lingerie vs. Colourpop Ultra matte

Liquid lipsticks has been become very popular in recent years and I thought you would be interested to see these popular competitors go head to head. Considering that they are around a similar price range, I did a test to find out which one is better and why.
Round one: I applied the lipsticks on different days but tried to keep a similar eating plan. I applied both after my morning coffee and this what they look like below.

Round two: on the day I wore Nyx lip Lingerie I ate a pie(don’t judge me) I did not cut it into pieces and you can see what happens after eating below. I had to reapply it as the middle had almost completely come off.

Round three: on the Colourpop day, I had breakfast before applying so I only drank a glass of water around lunch time and it did not move or transfer.
Colourpop after drinking

Thereafter I had supper which was a pasta while wearing Colourpop and you can see some of it came off. But I did not reapply as it was quite late and did not look that bad as I was on my way home. You can see it below.
Colourpop after eating

As you can see the Colourpop does fair out well to last better considering the oil in pasta that breaks liquid lipsticks down.
Now let me speak about the formulas separately.
NYX Lip Lingerie has a thicker consistency it is much more creamier than the Colourpop. It dries down quick and matte. However I do use two swipes to get a fully opaque lip. It does dry out the lips quite a bit and I do not have naturally dry lips. If you have very dry lips I would give this a miss unless you try a lip scrub and lip balm before applying. ( I did not use any of this before applying on both days).It lasts a good 4-5 hours on average provided you are not eating or drinking anything. It does feel slightly sticky on the lips and it does transfer even if you press your lips together a lot. However when it does come off it kind of does it in a patch so it looks even somewhat. The good thing about the Nyx is that when you reapply it, it still looks good.
Colourpop Ultra matte is quite runny and very pigmented. One swipe and you have a fully opaque colour on your lips. It dries down pretty fast and looks completely matte. If you have a lot of lines on your lips it will make them more visible but it isn’t bad looking. It does not transfer and feels like nothing on the lips. It is one of the most comfortable liquid lipsticks I have used. Many people complain that it is drying but do try it before you judge it. They last a full day and only really crumble off abit if you eat something oily. I once ate a box of popcorn at the movies (it was two boxes! no judgies) and drank cool drink and it still looked good afterwards. The staying power on these are great. They also have a great colour range.
Ring! Ring! Ring! I guess Colourpop definitely wins in my books. So cough up that extra 30 or 60 bucks (rands if you live in South Africa) and invest in a good liquid lipstick. But if you find a Nyx lip lingerie with a colour you like and want to try it, you won’t be disappointed. You can find them at Clicks online and their stores. They retail for about R149. The Colourpop is available online and can be shipped here but if you don’t want to deal with customs etc. Then check out, musebeauty and vanity_line on Instagram where they sell for around R200.  These are verified importers that only sell authentic goods.
PS. This was a formula test not a colour comparison. The Nyx Lip Lingerie is in the shade “Honeymoon” and Colourpop is the shade “Tulle.” I do apologize for the not great quality pics, my phone was in repairs. No lip balm/scrub was used before either application.
If there’s any lip battles you would like me to do, let me know in the comments.

Until my next post 😉 (very soon!)

Stay weird xoxo

Miss Dhanusha 

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  1. Rayne

    Oooh I love the Colourpop Matte lippies but I have not used the NYX Lingerie ones yet!

    1. missdhanusha

      If you have dry lips I’d give this a miss. If not they have some really pretty colours

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