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As some of you may or may not know Pink Cosmetics is my absolute favourite online beauty store. So I decided to dedicate the next few blog posts to them solely(because they have too many amazing things to fit in one post).
Taken from their website they claim “Pink Cosmetics are very proud to sell our beautiful handcrafted bath and body products and home fragrances that contains no sulphates and parabens all over South Africa.
We have a showroom in Durbanville, Cape Town. Please email us make an appointment to come and view our products. Pink stands for “Perfectly Inspired by Natures Knowlege.”
NO parabens                          NO added sulphates                          NO petro chemicals
“Making cold process soaps, beauty products, and home scents allows me to indulge both my passion for art and colour as-well as my love for chemistry and safe “natural alternative” products. Being able to create a beautiful product that not only looks and smells amazing but is also good for your skin and not damaging to the environment , fills me with happiness. I hope that our products will bring you as much joy as they bring me” Janet Stewart

Solid brush & sponge cleaner review

The packaging: It comes in a beautifully designed plastic container that is 100 grams. This is quite a massive amount of product.(I am loving pinks new logo design btw!) It has a beautifully hand made pink flower in the middle. The scent is quite subtle and the fragrance is Pink Peonie, I quite like it.

The ingredients: Aqua, Ricinus Communis(Castor) Seed Oil, Theobroma Cacao(Cocoa) Seed Butter, Cocos Nucifera(Coconut) Oil, Olea Europaea(Olive) oil, Oryza Sativa(Rice) Bran Oil, Butyrospermum Parkii(Shea Butter),Sodium Hydroxide, Fragrance, Sodium Lactate.(from packaging)
Product claim: “This solid brush and sponge cleaner removes even the most stubborn makeup, dirt, and germs. Conserve both water and product with this 97% “natural” product.  (100% natural coming soon) Great for travelling, this compact cleaner is formulated with soothing cocoa butter & olive oil to condition gently as it rapidly breaks down excess residue and germs. It is lightly scented, free of sulphates and other skin irritants, and can be used daily without harming your brushes. It is the ideal cleaner for makeup artists and travelers alike.” (taken from website)
How does it work?  If you watched my video, you would see it is pretty simple. All you do is wet the brush and the soap then swirl the brush around a few times, rinse out and repeat if necessary. When you are done, rinse the brush cleaner and leave upside down to dry. You can spray your brushes with rubbing alcohol after the brushes are dry. You may also use a brush egg for those tough stains. It works the same for a beauty blender.
My thoughts on the product: I used this on a dirty foundation brush and was so impressed on how it foamed so well and was clean after a few times swirling it and just rinsing. I then used it on my beauty blender and was even more impressed. I am pretty sure most people struggle with cleaning their beauty blenders and this worked so effortlessly! I will post a video of this after this post.
I then put it to the ultimate test by cleaning my oval brushes, as well as other brushes, they were also quite dirty and they are dense brushes and I was amazed at how easy they were to clean with the solid brush cleaner. Of course, the flower in the middle has disintegrated after washing all these brushes and the blender but it is made of natural soap so I am not surprised.
Look how less product was used after all those brushes were cleaned..

I left my brushes to dry and the brush cleaner upside to dry. The cleaner took under an hour to completely dry and I just put the lid back on after. My brushes look clean, feel super soft and conditioned. They also smell pretty good. The ingredients such as olive oil and cocoa butter is what aids them in feeling so good. Goodbye baby shampoo!
These babies are so clean and soft after drying

Overall thoughts: This is literally the best thing since the beauty blender! If I had to rate this I would give it a 10/10. I am sure this would last a long time as it cleans pretty effectively. You can see how much product was used in the picture above(the lowest rim is where the soap started). For R150, this is super affordable and pretty worth every cent. I can’t imagine my life without it now. The batch I got was 97% as the essential oil is not completely natural but I  believe the next batch will be 100% all natural.
Thank you to Janet Pink from Pink Cosmetics for always producing amazing quality products and answering my questions. Her service is remarkably outstanding and you can order at www.pinkcosmetics.co.za. Their instagram is @pinkcos_ and their Facebook page is Pink Cosmetics. More Pink reviews soon! If you follow me on snapchat @missdhanusha and Instagram @miss_dhanusha you will get a hint of whats next to come.

I believe in mermaids, aliens and unicorns, I believe in Pink!

Go pink <3

Miss Dhanusha 

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  1. Janet Pink

    Wow! What an amazing reveiw. So thorough and we’ll researched. I’m so glad you love our brush cleaner so much! Yay! Janet. Pink.

    1. missdhanusha

      All credit to you 🙂 thanks for sharing such amazing products with us!

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