When life goes left, go pink! My top 3 Pink Cosmetics products.

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My apologies for not posting sooner but as you know it was a long weekend (or we just made it one) and it was my birthday. Between classes, tests, series (currently watching Iron Fist thanks for recommendation – Sameera Kajee) and socializing life can be pretty busy. I promised more Pink Cosmetics reviews and here it is, these are my top 3 products I use on the regular from the range.


I actually gave my burner away as I was tired of using oil and felt it was too strong for me. Then I came across these Soy wax melts, to be honest I had no idea what it was. Janet from Pink Cosmetics then explained how they work to me. They are basically a petroleum and paraffin free alternative to oils for oil burners.

Product description(from website): 
“Soy wax melts are a fantastic alternative to oils in oil burners.  Conveniently designed to be burned in oil burners and not having to bother with water and oils. There are many uses for our highly scented Soy Wax melts.  Leave them anywhere in a room, top drawer or handbag, re-fresh potpourri or use with an oil burner to fill your home with any of our wonderful aromas. All of our wax melts are made with clean, natural environmentally friendly soy wax to bring out the best in your home for many hours of natural active fragrance. Create your own scents for the home. Combine our wax melts to create a unique and one of a kind fragrance for your home.  Place 2 or 3 into the melter and discover a new fragrance.”
Fragrances – 
Lemongrass and Basil, Pink sand dupe of Yankee candle fragrance, Burberry, Rose and geranium, Tahitian Vanilla, Sweet pea, Coconut Malibu, Island Fresh (clean cotton).
Soy wax are eco-friendly, renewable, sustainable and biodegradable.
My  thoughts:
 I love that these are made from clean, natural environmentally friendly soy wax. Moreover I love that these are all so highly scented but still not to harsh for everyday use. I use them daily, I have quite a sensitive nose but I love my when my room smells good and this definitely doesn’t affect my hay fever. You may combine different ones to create your own scent. You may also use them again after they become solid. They are also great as pot pourri and come in beautifully designed shapes. It is pretty easier to dispose when done since its biodegradable you make scrape it off with a butter knife or throw out when it cools down. These are now a staple in my home and I will definitely get more before they are all finished.
Since liquid lipsticks became popular so has dry chapped lips, it is no joke that these lipsticks significantly dry out your lips. I tried to make my own lip scrub at home with brown sugar and honey but I felt like this didn’t do much. Then I was referred to Pink Cosmetics Yummy Lip Scrub.

Product description(from website):
Be the envy of your friends with soft kissable lips thanks to our lip-smacking and oh so yummy lip scrubs. You may be tempted to eat these yummy delights, and that would be okay. These babies are made from completely natural ingredients and are 100% edible. Fine granulated sugar crystals act as an excellent exfoliator, removing dead skin and leaving a beautifully smooth finish. With nourishing jojoba oil, our lip scrubs are highly moisturising and a great solution for dry or chapped lips.
They come in a few different flavours: Watermelon, Bubblegum, Mint, Creamsoda and Caramel Flavour.
Easy to use, all you need do is gently massage a small amount on the lips in a circular motion for about a minute. Rinse off (or lick) and enjoy smoother, softer lips. Remember to apply your favourite lip treatment and sunscreen after use for the best results and SPF protection.”
My thoughts:
I started using the Creamsoda a few months back and it made a difference from day one. My lips were dry and chapped from using liquid lipstick everyday. After a couple uses my lips were nourished and smooth again, I was so impressed I reviewed it on Facebook as I didn’t have a blog then, you can find it on my Facebook page as well as Pink Cosmetics page. I use this 2-3 times a week and my lips have never been in better condition. The jojoba oil is highly moisturising and I use the Shea butter with Vitamin e-oil from Pink Cosmetics afterwards. It helps for a smooth application and longer lasting liquid lipstick when used before applying. It is also so delicious, I always lick my lips after exfoliating. Remember it is preservative free so it must be used within 3 months, it’s time for a new one for me 🙂


If you don’t know what a bath bomb is I suggest you quickly YouTube it because you are definitely missing out if you have never tried them. I honestly feel like these are Pink Cosmetics most popular product. I heard so many good reviews of it that I had to buy a batch for myself last year.

Product Description(from website): 
“In need of a boost or a quick pamper session in the comfort of your own home? Add a fragrant fizz to your bath water and soak away your troubles with our radiantly coloured bath bombs. 
Almost like adding extravagant champagne to your tub, you can enjoy the sheer luxury of our bath bombs as they infuse your bath water with beautiful fragrances and colour. Not only are our bath bombs aesthetically pleasing but these fun fizzy balls are also good for your body and will help to nourish your skin. With added cocoa butter, kaolin clay and sweet almond oil, these are perfect as part of your beauty regime.
We only use body-approved colorants and natural fragrance oils to infuse your tub with natural goodness. NO SULPHATES”
Ingredients: Citric Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate, Kaolin Clay, Cocoa butter, Sweet almond oil, Grapeseed oil, Fragrance oils, Mica, Body approved colorants, Sugar/Salt crystals.
My thoughts: 
These are literally the only reason I have a bath in a tub. I mean really who has the time to indulge in long baths? I tried the fruity bath bombs and I loved it. These smell so amazing and leave your skin feeling so soft. This is the perfect way to relax after a long day with a glass of wine. I could smell the scent on me even the next day. With the water restrictions about to be in full swing in Cape Town I suggest you do not use too much water for this or use the water to water plants afterwards. They also make the perfect gifts and you can them in a gift box with other amazing bath products.
Overall thoughts:
All these products get a 10/10 from me. These are my top 3 Pink Cosmetic products. They are super affordable and I honestly cannot live without them. I am very keen to try the other Pink products. As I mentioned before this is my go to store for all make up and beauty related items and I get the best service possible.(you know I am a sucker for good service)
All these can be found on www.pinkcosmetics.co.za. Images mostly taken from Pink Cosmetics website. Photo credit to Debbie Lourens.
Stay tuned for my next Pink Cosmetics blog follow my instagram @missdhanusha to get hints of what it may be about.

Stay weird, smell and look great


xoxo Miss Dhanusha 

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