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Finally its the holidays! Shew, I needed a break and I am sure you did too. Happy Easter to all of you. You can expect a lot of posts coming up this week. I am super relieved to finally get time to do more blog posts. Although, I also need to get some studying done.
I was lucky enough to win tickets to the CT Upstaged event on Thursday night, 13th April, at Nomad Bistro & Bar from their Facebook competition. By the way this is the second time I won tickets for this place, I gave the comedy night tickets to my sister as it was her birthday. Everyone that knows me knows I win a lot of competitions, my friends hate me for it but also love me because they usually get to join in whatever I win. It’s mostly music events or other events, I wish I won make up competitions but I haven’t won any yet.
Before we move along, please note that my blog will is more of lifestyle blog, you will get many beauty reviews but you will get reviews on almost anything that I want to write about.
Anyway, the Facebook event page said “Cape Town Upstaged is the Mother City’s amazing music line up for Battle of Bands & Musicians in various genres of Pop, Rock, Jazz & Reggae. It’s music, it’s a party, it’s a showcase of talent where the winner takes great prizes!
Starting 5th April 2017 over 5 Wednesdays. CT Upstaged is in collaboration & sponsorship by some amazing companies and brands like SA Music News & Lifestyle Magazine, NOMAD bistro & bar, That Other Booking Company, The Abstract Aimee Variety Show ; 2oceansvibe Radio, Ginger Snap Productions, A MAJOR Events .”
I also read the reviews on their Facebook page and some were really great reviews but it also had a few bad ratings. Nonetheless, I thought I should give it a chance especially since I saw Inglot SA hosted their Wine & Thrive event there the night before.
I arrived around 10 pm, fashionably late, as usual. There was parking around the corner so that was a bonus. There were people busy talking just outside the door so I took the liberty to walk in. The next second someone knocked on my shoulder to stop me, I had explained I had tickets and then he said “Oh, you’re Dhanusha?” I think this was Mo the owner. I was impressed he knew my name, of all the events I won not once did someone address me by my name.
My friends who I told to meet me there at 8.30 pm were at the bar having some drinks, they had already eaten and settled in. The place was quite busy and seemed to have a great atmosphere with a band on the stage. The bands that were competing were quite impressive, they sounded great, had a good stage performance and had the crowd singing along with them. Music is my first love and you will discover I am quite the music snob. I took my ipod for the car ride over and insisted I get to play music, my friends loved my playlist. Music is the most important thing for any place I visit, if its really bad, I would leave. Thankfully this was not the case, even I was singing out aloud.
Soon after arriving I got my bucket of Savanna at the bar, this was part of the voucher for 5 free tickets, the bartender asked me where is my 5 friends, I had explained they arrived earlier, he said “we take the competition rules seriously, next time have 5 friends.” I kinda want to assume he was joking. Anyway, we got our drinks and sat at a table and enjoyed the show whilst trying to take pictures for this post.
The drinks menu looks pretty standard, they had a special food menu on a chalkboard but on a regular night they have tapas. Beer lovers would be glad they they have craft beer on tap.

The design on the stage is of the world map, naturally as a fan of travel this stood out to me. There was beautiful flowers on the tables in front, I love flowers and appreciated this little touch, the vase is even cuter. Black little frames with pictures on the wall gave the place a homely feel. There were sofas upfront, I love this, every single place I got to I search for the most comfy seats. I am literally Sheldon Cooper(Big bang fans) when it comes to seating. The rest of the decor had the wooden look, it was good that it carried the same feel throughout the restaurant. See slide show below 🙂

I thought the drop down lights at the bar were also a cool element. They also have some cool designs in the form of traffic signs on the wall which I thought was quite different and encompassed travel into it. The amazing thing about this place is the diversity of the crowd, we met a German musician that traveled throughout the world, even extensively through India and we had a good time chatting to him. Well, I was busy taking pictures and talking, haha.(all about that blog life.)
I was disappointed that the event ended before 11pm, it said on the event page that it would end at 1am? This was not cool. We still hung out a while after the event and luckily Village idiot is literally across the street so we went there afterwards. Anyway, one of the good employees got a band to join us on stage when he saw me pictures. The band also made me drink a tequila shot with them later on, it never gets easier even with the lemon slice.
The owner had come around and asked us if we want tickets to the comedy night or the next Upstaged event next week and I opted for the comedy night as I haven’t been to one there. He handed me 4 tickets, Thanks Mo! I will definitely be revisiting, tapas, comedy and wine? Hell to the yes!
My overall thoughts and experience: Although it was short lived, I had a good time and really enjoyed the vibes here as well as the friendly service. I would rate it a solid 7/10. There was not anything overly impressive at Nomad Bistro & Bar but I would revisit. There are just so many great restaurants and bars in Cape Town. Thanks for having me.
Have you been to Nomad Bistro and Bar? What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments section.
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Live life! 😛

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Miss Dhanusha 

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