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What it means to be an ambivert.

Hello, my weirdos 🙂
Is it just me or did you feel the “brrr!” these past few days? I see the cold front is coming in this weekend in South Africa so I hope you all are prepared. Speaking of the weekend, most weekends I do not have something planned. However some weekends I go all out, events, shopping, parties, you name it. I never really knew why sometimes I prefer to be alone and some days I want to socialize.
If you’re anything like me, a thought catalog whore. (Thought Catalog is a publishing platform where you can read articles about just anything) You would have seen quite a few posts about Ambiverts. They have been floating around for some time now and I saw one of my favourite bloggers Nadia Jaftha do a post on this. It really intrigued me as I feel like I am not an extrovert or an introvert. An ambivert is described as “someone who exhibits qualities of both introversion and extroversion.”
Some of the questions that made me question whether I am an ambivert is:

  1. Do I love being alone but also love being around people?
  2. Do some situations make me feel outgoing but others make me feel reserved?
  3. Do I struggle between the labels extrovert and introvert?

(adapted from articles, this research is not my own)
Most people are in fact ambiverts as extroversion is a spectrum. As I read more and more of these articles it all started to make more sense. Whilst most people would assume I am extroverted as I am outspoken and love socializing, at the same time I need my alone time to recharge and regain perspective. Being around people drains my energy and I spend a lot of time alone after socializing to build up my internal batteries.
It is surprising because when I am around people I am chatty and often the one that drags everyone to the dance floor. However, in other situations, you might find me alone reading something. My mother used to call me an indoor plant but as I grew up I became more of a social butterfly. Somewhere along this path I always knew I was never the extrovert or introvert. As an ambivert, we always adapt to the current environment but if we are not prepared for it, we may disappear into the shadows.
Have you ever felt this way? Here are a few things that you may relate to if you are an ambivert:

  1. You get really exhausted after spending many hours socializing.
  2. You most likely hate small talk.
  3. You love being alone but you also cannot hibernate alone forever.
  4. When you are with people you know you are comfortable and talkative.
  5. You don’t understand people who go out every night (even though you did at some stage and were most likely the life of the party).
  6. You adapt well to most social situations you are put in (besides when your ex pops up from nowhere).
  7. You are more than happy staying in on a Friday night. (even Saturday night)
  8. Your party friends are often trying to drag you out but you are already in your pj’s ready to watch some series in bed.
  9. You prefer restaurants or lounges to noisy clubs (on the odd occasion you end up in the club, damn am I getting old?)
  10. Some days when you get talking you cannot stop, other days you do not talk to anyone.
  11. You don’t think before speaking sometimes and people think you are blunt.(but I am straight forward in general.)
  12. You are always observing your surroundings and very intuitive.

These are just some of the traits I picked up on and also felt resonates with me. If you related to them do let me know, maybe you are an ambivert too. 🙂
Until next post…
Stay warm,

xx Miss Dhanusha 

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  1. Oh my gosh! I never knew what I was up until I read this post! I am an ambivert for sure. Thank you for this post <3

    1. Awh glad you enjoyed it!

  2. You literally described me to a T! I am definitely an AMBIVERT! I love this post so much! Great work. Absolutely spot on! ❤️👏

  3. thedrkansley_mua says:

    After reading your post now i finally knew what i am.. I love socializing with other people but not in a way of going to clubs or bar as I dont drink 😊, on the other not i also love being alone ..
    So yeah, i could definitely consider myself as an ambivert. Thanks for raising awareness on this matter. Just so you know , i love reading your blog post. I may be silent at all times but Im admiring your blog post silently.. great post! Keep them coming 🤗🙌🏼

    1. It’s comments like these that remind me why I started a blog to begin with. Thank you so much. You have no idea how much this means to me ❤

  4. Great post and yes, I’m an ambivert as well! Glad to know I’m not alone 🙂

    1. Thank you. Definitely not alone 😊

  5. Kumeshnie Moodley says:

    Hey D,
    I loved reading this…makes sense now.
    Sometimes people just drain your energy and rebooting is necessary.

    1. Yes the key is knowing the situations/people you thrive in and the ones you just survive in.

  6. I’m so confused as to why my comments aren’t posting!
    Thank you for the great post!
    I can relate to all of the traits lol

    1. Awh not sure either. Yay thank you for reading

  7. I wish I was an ambivert just to keep things balanced.I’m shy especially around strangers.I always experience this when I’m at the mall and I feel the earth can crack open and swallow me.Im working on my people’s skills.Lovely post dear

    1. I feel very imbalanced at times. I think balance is created by yourself. Thank you for reading.

  8. Interesting read, first time I’m learning about the term “ambivert”. I usually have a “no people Sunday” to regulate and prepare for the work week. Pretty much my Saturday as well.

    1. That’s awesome learning a new term. Yeah I love my weekends alone

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