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Hey weirdos,
As promised, this week I am focusing on skin care. Many of you tell me I have good skin and maybe I am blessed in that department but I also believe in good skin care products. The key to flawless make up looks is really having good skin, regardless we should take care of our skin first.
I have been using the Rooibos African Extracts Purifying range for months now and I think it is underrated. Before I get into the review let me give you a little info on the Rooibos brand. (Geez Dee for someone who hates history you sure do post a lot of it..)
Rooibos is a local South African brand that started about 15 years ago.”African Extracts uses an advanced Bio-Active Rooibos plant extract from fresh, green rooibos plants harvested in the Cederberg mountains of the Western Cape. Rooibos is rich in minerals and antioxidants. It is known for its anti-inflammatory, skin-soothing and protective properties. African Extracts products are dermatologically tested, paraben free and endorsed by Beauty without Cruelty. Find them at pharmacies, major supermarkets, Dis-Chem, Clicks and online at Takealot.”
I have been using the Purifying range for a while now and here are my thoughts on some of the products.
Price: R52.95 in Dischem/ 150ml.
Ingredients: In the picture above.
Packaging: I quite like this cream plastic tube with the pretty gold strip and font that is sealed before opening. It holds quite a large amount of product and is convenient enough for travel.
Thoughts: This product along with this whole range has the active ingredients Rooibos and Baobab extract, it eliminates excess oil, unclogs pores and evens skin tone. Along with salicylic acid that helps prevent problem skin, it does work well as a wash, scrub and mask. It cleanses the skin well, removes impurities and gets rid of excess oil on the skin. I do prefer a more granular scrub for my face at least once in the week but this can used as a daily scrub. You will see the texture below in the picture, excuse it if it looks like something else (haha), but it is quite thick and smooth. I used it as a mask and wash and it is quite worth the price for performing both those functions.


Price: R51.95 at Dischem/ 250ml
Ingredients: Picture above.
Packaging: It comes in a clear plastic bottle with the branding as a label. It does not dispense product too much product, also travel-friendly.
Thoughts on this products: As you can see I am already halfway through this bottle, that’s how much I love it! Before this, I had no idea how much your skin can benefit from a toner. I apply some onto a cotton pad and apply over my face concentrating on my T zone where I am oiliest, after cleansing. With ingredients salicylic acid and witch hazel, it removes any traces of oil or dirt on the skin. It smells amazing and is fragranced. I found after using this my entire face brightened up a bit. My mom even asked me what I am using because my skin really looked brighter. I feel that it really leaves your skin squeaky clean without drying it. It also soothes the skin and leaves it feeling calm as well as fresh. After this, I am never going back to life without a toner!


Price: R41.95 at Dischem/ 75ml.
Ingredients: Picture above.
Thoughts on this product: This product reminded me of the Mac Time check lotion. Although it is not a dupe for it, it is similar in texture and feel on the skin. It is richer than time check lotion but not the most moisturising product. For my combination skin, it is just enough to keep me hydrated. If you have quite dry skin this is probably not a good idea for you. The reason I love it though is that it keeps my skin shine free and is mattifying. It has Vitamin C, as well as the two main ingredients of this range mentioned above, which are known to be good for the skin. It works well under make up as well. I use this quite often but it does not contain SPF therefore you will need to use sunscreen with it. I recommend this for combination to oily skin.
Overall thoughts: I love this range and the Rooibos brand. Besides that it is cruely-free, it is manufactured locally and has a firm interest in using the most natural ingredients. Bio-active Rooibos is naturally high in ascorbic acid, zinc and antioxidants, recent research undertaken at the University of Stellenbosch shows that the same green extract is effective in limiting the replication of precancerous skin cells. I think these products are also great value for money. Along with Himalaya Herbals skincare, you don’t need to drop loads on skincare if these can work for you, ofcourse you should test it first anyway.
I am keen to try the rest of the Purifying range especially the spot treatment and spot control facial wash. Have you tried these products? What do you think of them?
Until tomorrow,
Keep toning :P,

xx Miss Dhanusha

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  1. Chermel's World

    Thank You for making me always spend money on everything you recommend lol
    Loved this review

  2. I definitely need to try this range to keep my acne and oils at bay. I love the classic range, very underrated indeed. Thanks for yet another awesome blog post.

  3. missdhanusha

    Yes definitely worth every cent! Thank you for reading.

  4. Odette

    I love this range’s toner. I’ve tried the one in the red bottle and it’s also good. I like using their normal face washes (haven’t tried the 3 in 1) but the moisturiser is definitely too drying for me

    1. missdhanusha

      Definitely keen to try the face washes. Yeah I use the moisturiser with sunscreen or a serum.

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