Why I am a cheapie when it comes to mascara?

Hey, my weirdos! 🙂
Happy Friday. I am sure you are tired of my posts every day this week by now. Maybe I am a little tired too, to be honest, it has been a busy few days. I went on the Red Bus tour of Cape Town yesterday and man was it fun! What do you think about a post on this? Would you be keen?
Also, Ster Kinekor has monthly ladies movies nights where you get treated to massages, hot shirtless guys in bow ties serving champagne, snacks, goodie bags, the works. There were even Amarula ladies serving us drinks on Wednesday night, we watched Girls Trip. This movie is freakin’ hilarious! Please do yourself a favour and go watch it with your girls. I digress, today I am giving you the tea on why I am a cheapskate when it comes to Mascara.
Over the years I have tried a bunch of Mascaras, mostly drugstore but I have a few high end. Some of these were given to me and I was super excited to try them. I am going to give a brief review of them, the likes and dislikes and the reveal my holy grail at the moment.

MAC False Lashes Extreme Black

The formula of this is quite thick, you can build up on it to get your lashes a bit curled and coated to look okay. Just okay, yeah that’s right. It does not push up or plump up your lashes to give them a falsies look at all. Even if  I coat them 5 or 6 times, still nothing. After a while, your lashes tend to feel heavy because you coated them so much and well, it’s uncomfortable. Bye Bye MAC False Lashes… You have a cool look and that’s about it.
Retails for R280 at MAC.20170725_160434-01
Clinique high impact mascara- mascara impact optimal

This Clinique mascara may be some peoples favourite, it is does give the lashes some length and volume after a few coats. Slightly better than the MAC mentioned above. I like the bristles as they have some spaces between them that coats each lash. However, it still does not have that “wow” factor, nor does it make a high impact on my lashes.  I love the green glitter packaging the most about this mascara. It’s also great for bottom lashes.
Retails for R295 at Clinique counters at Edgars/Truworths/Foschini.
Yardley 3D Lash Fibre Extention

Yardley is honestly such an underrated brand. Many of their products surpass expectations for a drugstore brand. I loved this mascara, it really gave me that false lash look. The bristles are thin and spaced out and it is effortless to coat every lash. This is really old and they don’t sell this anymore, obviously I haven’t used it in ages I just have a bad habit of keeping packaging of things I like a lot. I am glad I kept it though for the purpose of this post it helps show mascaras from the drugstore can really work better! “You better work girl” as Jeffree Star would say.
Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect

This Essence mascara is a cult favourite, a classic, a showstopper, this is my holy grail of holy grails! This rich black formula gives the lashes volume, curl, and length. It lasts all day long and feels good on my lashes. Be careful to not apply too much as you only need 1-3 coats. You don’t want cockroach leg lashes! I coat the lashes 2-3 times just to even it out. It has a good wand and bristles and I love the packaging. My best friend asked me on Skype video call if it’s my own lashes, “what mascara is that?” And I told this Essence False Lash Effect mascara is the bomb diggity! It retails for about R69 at Clicks/ Dischem.
Mascara should be changed or replaced every 3 months as it is the most prone product to cause a bacterial infection. Keeping that in mind, affordable mascaras such as the Essence Lash Princess can really give you back some bang for that buck. Of course, if you can afford a high-end mascara then, by all means, you do you boo! For my student budget, this is why I am a cheapie when it comes to mascara. 😛
I hope you enjoyed this post and this week of posts every day. Next week I will return to a post or two a week. Don’t forget to subscribe below and let me know whats your favourite mascara or if you love any of these?
Have a great weekend.
The only drama I love is on my lashes,

xx Miss Dhanusha 

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  1. Rajshree

    Awesome review. Definitely gona get the essence mascara after this post!

  2. I want to try this colour because I’m loving the purple version <3. I have enjoyed all your posts this week 😀

  3. Mom Of Two Little Girls

    Thanks for this. I’m definitely going to try the Essence mascara. I don’t wear a lot of make-up but always eyeliner and mascara. I tend to HATE wasting money on expensive make-up that probably won’t work for me (as your post implies) so drug store holy grail
    Mascara sounds perfect for me! Thanks.

  4. Kauthar Jakoet

    Well written, and such a good read. ❤️

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