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Hi my weirdos,
I am back at university(bleh) and job hunting. But this is a super exciting month for us beauty addicts in Cape Town! Urban Decay launches at the V&A Waterfront on the 12th August.  NYX opens its first store at Canal Walk on the 26th August. But do you know what I am most excited for? Beauty Swop or Sale Beauty Expo! The same day as NYX opens!(rolls eyes) I have a ticket for one of my readers, read on to find out how to win.
Okay, pause, what is Beauty Swop or Sale and why am I most excited for this? Beauty Swop or Sale South Africa is the largest beauty consumer group in which people buy, sell, trade and review beauty products they own. The majority of these are purchased by themselves or by their lovely husbands but it’s honest feedback from real everyday women. Its main platform is Facebook, it has a whopping 41774 members as it stands. (Wow!)
This group was founded by Charnelle Avontuur about 4 years ago. I had the pleasure of meeting her(physically) and asking her a few questions. I say physically because we have been chatting online for probably a year now or more and when we met it’s like we knew each other. I swear you would think we were old friends or something. I know you must be thinking that’s strange you know each other from a Facebook group, but this is not your Average Facebook group. This is Beauty Swop or Sale South Africa.
Many local businesses source a lot of their business from here, both retail and service businesses. This includes a number of businesses that import make up from other countries that are not accessible here. Besides the good reviews and amazing monthly hauls, I said beauty addicts right? There is a daily selfie post where all women can post their make up looks of the day as well as list their products. The women are always encouraging and showing love whether it be on selfies or general advice posts. The engagement per post is over 200 comments and per month there are more than 2500 posts a month. CRAY!!! Who runs the beauty world? BSS!!!(Beauty Swop or Sale) I kid you not, if someone posts one product to be good, by the next day the shelves of that product are empty! By women for women? BSS may overthrow democracy one day, Zuma has my vote of no confidence. We also have many international members!
Naturally, a group of such magnitude will have a little controversy at times but the wonderful admin team has a strict guideline of rules and definitely do a good job of keeping everything in order. Their main role is that no selling/purchasing of replica make up products are allowed and proof of authenticity needs to be sent to them before you post on the group. This is to keep everyone safe and we are all truly grateful to the admins. Since being apart of this group, I have learned countless tips, tricks and upped my make up game to a whole new level. I think I joined sometime in the early parts of last year and since then I have never looked at any other research when it comes to products. I watch videos and so forth but BSS knows best.
So whats this Beauty Expo all about? Let’s get into the interview with the lovely Founder, Blogger, Youtuber, Wife, and Mother, Charnelle…(talk about multitasking royalty, Charnelle sits with her laptop in front of her, Wi-Fi dongle plugged in while she gets her hair done).
Miss_D: What made you come up with this event?
Charnelle: Well, for a long time the members of the group have wanted a meet up. A meet up is all good and well, but it’s just that. The hosting of the expo is good for the business owners on the group as well as the consumers. They get to meet each other and trust the people they purchase from. We get to meet and shop which is what we love. The group is about empowerment, this is the first beauty consumer expo, the first expo of it’s kind.
Miss_D: How many vendors can we expect?
Charnelle: 23 stalls in total. 19 businesses, all female owned (women empowerment!)
Miss_D: How did you go about choosing these businesses?
Charnelle: The majority of the businesses are from the group. Many businesses already had their events planned but the stalls sold out fast. It was advertised on the 1st July and sold out by the mid July.
Miss_D: What can we expect from the event?
Charnelle: Spot prize draws(excited face), one of which is a 5 tier make up holder from Beauty Box. A Divine Beauty Brow service and lesson from the BSS Brow whisperer Razia, also a mermaid themed hamper from Pink Cosmetics. The entire event is Mermaid themed. (OMG!!! Miss_D dies of excitement)  There may be prizes for the best make up look. You can get all make up related services from lash lifting, massages to chemical peels. There will be informative talks on a variety of topics, one of which is natural hair maintenance, which you have to sign up for on the day.
Miss_D: Who are the businesses involved/sponsoring?
Charnelle: OFRA cosmetics with 15% off products, Samika Store, Pink Cosmetics, Vanityline, Divine Beauty, T’s Cosmetics, Makeup Your Life, Ruutos, Ashleighs Somatology & Health, Aura Beauty, Bluesky Cosmetics, Labeeba with all beauty products, Nail Guru Marina de Mink, S Scents, Avon by Colleen. You can see them all and what they have to offer on the event page here. There is a Hair Bottox Treatment up from HairInn for grabs here.
Miss_D: What are the ticket costs?
Charnelle:  There will be 3 different tickets available;

General Deluxe Ticket @R150- General Access, Goody Bag and make-up class of choice(beginner, intermediate and pro). These are sold out.(Sorry!)

General Plus Ticket @R100 – General Access and Goody Bag. 50% or less available.
General Ticket @R50 – General Access
All tickets will give you access to the free talks, as well as free entry into the lucky draws that will be taking place on the day. Please email us on for tickets.
Miss_D: What can we expect in the goody bag?
Charnelle: I am not going to give away too much, but what I can say is that there Kiki Beauty full sized Citrus setting spray in the goody bag amongst other great products(this pretty much covers the cost of the ticket).

Weirdos the goody bag looks fabulous, I saw a picture of it and well lets just say it won’t be hard to spot a BSS member in your Dischem/Clicks or Urban Decay soon! I suggest you get the General Plus Ticket ASAP as you don’t want to miss out! Also, lines for prebooked tickets will be most likely be shorter and quicker.

Miss_D: Who are the special guests?
Charnelle: Farzanah Siblall is the Makeup artist for the make up classes, bring your tools along with. Paige Bannatyne from Blend is a Cape town make-up artist who will be at the Beauty Swop or Sale Expo for touch ups and giveaways.. Mrs Grand South Africa 2017 Rosa Van Niekerk will be giving a motivational talk. There were some popular bloggers invited too.
Oh yes, you will get to meet me too, wink wink. I am special and weird. (I always laugh at my own jokes) *lol*
Miss_D & Charnelle discuss #whatstheirsecret? Lots of giggles but I cannot reveal why. 😛
Miss_D: Tell me something no one else knows about the event?
Charnelle: There is a photo booth and props! (MUCH EXCITE)
Miss_D: Do you plan to have more events like this? 
Charnelle: Once every 3 months, in every major city hopefully. 
Miss_D: What is your vision for Beauty Swop or Sale?
Charnelle: The biggest make up community, something inspired by Kevin James Bennett. And our followers aren’t bought! (LOL!)
If you haven’t joined Beauty Swop or Sale South Africa on Facebook, go ahead and join weirdos!

The event details are below:

POSTER expo v9-01

I have one General Access ticket up for grabs!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please note: This event is in Cape Town, please only enter if you will be in Cape Town on the day of the event. No family/friends are allowed to enter. This is only entrance to the event.
I hope to see you there!

xx Miss Dhanusha 

Thank you to Charnelle for Sponsoring the ticket to giveaway to one of my weirdos.
This giveaway has ended.

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    1. missdhanusha

      I’m so excited! Awh you guys should maybe try something like it in the US

  1. Alison

    A lovely article Miss D.
    A pity however about the need to include the comment regarding “buying followers”
    Those in the know, are aware what this means, and it’s a shame that this article was used to throw shade. We are all adults.

    1. missdhanusha

      It was not aimed at anyone or throwing shade. It was purely a joke. We are adults so we can take abit of humour.

  2. Chermel's World

    OOOh how I wish I lived in Cape Town right now!
    Can’t wait for BSS to come to Johannesburg!
    Have fun hun! Please take us along on you insta story <3

    1. missdhanusha

      Awh it will come there. Hopefully soon. I will do my best. Thanks

  3. Nuhaa Fuentes

    Wow after reading this, I definitely think the BBS community is amazing. I am defs looking forward to attending. I have booked my ticket already but I’d love to win a spot for my bestie. I could not get her a ticket (broke student life got me) She’d love an event like this. Crossing fingers 💕🤞🏽 Miss Avonturr sounds like an absolute doll and I just know this event is going to be amazing. I can’t wait to see you there Dhanusha!

    1. missdhanusha

      Truly is a great community. Awh that’s sweet of you. Goodluck to you. Can’t wait to finally meet you too!

    2. missdhanusha

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  4. Shamiela

    I’m so jealous that Char got to meet you before I did!

    1. missdhanusha

      Lol. Lucky I didn’t add the picture of us. Looking forward to meeting you!

  5. Wisaal


  6. zaaimah

    Urgggg I really want to go to this , I’ve been seeing for this for weeks now and I really want to go ,since saving up for matic is not easy (like at all) and I really love make up and I have never been to such a thing like it would be a good experience like I really love to go to this ❤️❤️❤️ I would also really love to meet you since I’ve been following you in Instagram and I love that you so lowkey so it would be a double win for me! My fingers and toes are crossed for this 🌸😍😘

    1. missdhanusha

      Hi there. I don’t think you entered your email address below to subscribe to my blog. Note to be entered you have to be subscribed. Closes tomorrow

  7. Nikisha Latchman

    This is such a cool idea. Just joined BSS on Facebook! As a fellow make up junkie, I would looove to attend this event ❤️❤️

    1. missdhanusha

      Yay!! Please enter the competition on rafflecoptor in the post and subscribe to my blog by entering your email address where it says follow my blog at the end of my page xx

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