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HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY! This day in 1956 approximately 20000 women marched to the Union Buildings in Pretoria to protest the against the “pass” apartheid government had adopted. A “pass” had allowed them to enter “white areas” as there were segregation acts. The women who fought for our rights were strong and resilient, never forget that you are too! Today is also a special day for my me on the blog, I am collaborating with my favourite Youtuber! We are going to reveal 5 Beauty products worth splurging on as we are both students we know make up can get real expensive.
This talented YouTubers make up skills are insane, when you say wings that could cut a b*tch well hers would probably cut a few. From a cut crease to an Indian Barbie to every day simple make up looks you can find it all on her channel. She has been in a game for a while now and explains all the tips and tricks she uses for that flawless finish. Even through her acne journey and other trials, she still slays like no other! She recently hit 2000 subscribers on Youtube and started her own blog. She is of course, Sanesh Makeup the Slay Squad Queen! And if you don’t follow her then what are you doing with your life? Her Social media links are below(you can thank me later):

Facebook- @saneshmakeup

Instagram: @sanesh_makeup

Twitter: @Saneshnie_Yo

YouTube: Sanesh Makeup

Okay, weirdos let’s get into my 5 products I think are worth splurging on, some of which I got on sale, from friends or second hand(as Sanesh would say: “No shame in my game.”)


This water based liquid foundation sheer coverage foundation is a cult favourite for good reason! It has a long lasting wear time and a dewy natural skin like finish. This is suitable for all skin types. I apply it with my finger and blend it with a sponge but it can be blended with a brush too. On the skin, it feels quite hydrating and like you aren’t even wearing foundation. This is a great everyday foundation and it applies effortlessly. Also, this does not oxidize on me. You can purchase the 50 ml for R450 at a MAC Counter or MAC store.
The reason I chose this is that a foundation is the base of your make up. Pun-intended. Unless you have perfect skin, a good foundation is the second key to a good makeup look, the first key is skincare. If you are not sure how to chose the right shade, read my older post here.


In my opinion, the next vital step to a great make up look are brows. I mean your hair also matters but brows shape your face. Without them, unless you’re Jeffree Star, it just isn’t going to work gurl. Whatever you do, do not use dark black products fill in eyebrows, please. It looks way too harsh and unreal. Powder products are best for beginners. This is why I chose the Benefit Brow Zing. It has a powder and a wax. The wax is to outline the brow and powder to fill it in. This lasts the entire day and does not look too much when done correctly. There are million YouTube tutorials on how to fill in your brows. Benefit cosmetics is known for their remarkable brow products, this is travel-friendly and has a tiny tweezer. The cutest tweezer ever! The angled brush and blending brush are perfect as they fit in the case. Use a spooly to help groom those brows. This retails for R445 at a Benefit Counter at Edgars or Red Square online. If you want to try something affordable, Essence and Wet n Wild have brow kits. A dark brown eyeshadow can work too well depending on your brow colour.


This highlighter has probably ruined me for life. I cannot find something I like better, I mean I would love the Huda 3D highlighter palette but this is going to last me a lifetime. Riviera is best on medium skin tones. It applies evenly, blends out beauifully and stays put. The great thing is you can go subtle but also go ham and get LIT AF! It’s something I can’t live without. Every make up addict needs a good highlighter or 3. This is a coppery shade that I can wear on its own. It has a hefty price tag, around R650 from Vanity Line but will last your whole life. The full review is here. You can get good highlighters from MAC if this is too steep.


Now if you are still a beginner at contouring or have super dry skin this isn’t for you. A powder contour kit would be better. I have wanted this since I first saw it, it is obvious yet that ABH is my probably my favourite brand? This has 6 creams, highlighters, contour shades and a colour corrector. Since this does it all, I can carry this instead of my million concealers and correctors. The colour corrector is the perfect shade to correct my dark circles and pigmentation. The contour and highlight shades work great for me as well, I do use an oil to help apply it as it can be drying. To be honest after I got this contouring just became alot less work for me as the entire palette works so well. It is highly pigmented and is going to last a while. This retails for around R780 from Samika Store. You can use LA girl concealers to contour and highlight if you want something affordable.


If you follow me on social media you know I am crazy about this lipstick. This colour is literally everything! It looks good on all skin tones. Described as a dark sienna, this matte long lasting matte liquid lipstick can work well even on its own. I am not going to rave anymore about it as you probably know how much I love it. You can read the full review here.  Lipstick makes everything better and this formula is great. This can be purchased from Ofra Cosmetics for R320. But they will be at the Beauty Swop or Sale Beauty Expo which you can read about on my blog and win a ticket for here. Go enter!
Now go over to Sanesh’s blog to read her 5 products worth splurging on here.
I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what products from my post you use or what you think is worth splurging on in the comments section?
Enjoy Women’s day,

xx Miss Dhanusha 


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  1. JC

    Hi, what shade are you in the mac face and body?


    I find that really, I just need to splurge on mascara so it doesn’t run all over my face, down my neck, and end up at my knees at the end of a day lol But I have so much about Mac’s Face and Body I want to give it a try!

    1. missdhanusha

      Awh there are some good ones at druvosore but if you can splurge then why not? Face & body is great

  3. Chermel's World

    Oh that highlight tho!!
    Great post as always !

  4. Emma Cavanagh

    Need to try that Anastasia illuminator! The colour payoff looks insane, great post

  5. glutesandgloss2016

    I need to get that brow zing! Thanks babe. xx

  6. Adele Walsh

    Love the products, great information, thanks for sharing!

    1. missdhanusha

      I am keen to try a pomade but I have quite thick and full brows already

  7. Marissa Baum

    Heck yeah! Love these products, and the message! Really great info, I will be keeping in mind next time I shop!

  8. Megan Beaver

    I’ve actually been pretty curious about the Ofra with lipstick. How does it feel after a few hours? Is it still comfortable?

    1. missdhanusha

      Yes! Definitely one of the best wearing formulas out there. Comfort too.

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