Colour Correct Skin Seal – Blur & Contour Cream Palette review

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Happy Spring! Tis the season to be sneezing, *atchoo!* Jokes, this season is my favourite as flowers are blooming and it starts to get warmer. Not you Cape Town, you are always delayed(only gets warmer here from October), nonetheless, spring is here and summer is even closer! A while ago a new brand reached out to me on Instagram and wanted to send me their colour corrector palette and I grabbed the offer with open arms as you know my dark circles(from hell) is my biggest concern.
A short while later I received the product and they did a good job of communicating with me the entire time. I was underwhelmed when it arrived in a cardboard box with no stuffing in a courier bag. The contour shade had a tad bit of oil on it as it is cream, I explained my concerns to them. I still overlooked the packaging and began using it. Since then if you watch my live videos on Instagram,instastories or look at the products listed on my selfies you will see this all mentioned all over it. Before I get into the full review I am just going to tell you more about the brand Colour Correct.
The vision at Colour Correct is to provide high-end professional products, packaged for everyday consumer use. Products are designed in conjunction with makeup artists to cater to the women of South Africa. They are designed locally but manufactured in Germany with a parent company that is in line with their values and can provide cruelty-free quality products. The brand is essentially by South African makeup artists for South African women. (YAY! Women Empowerment!)

Skin Seal – Blur & Contour Cream Palette Review


Product claim: This palette contains a peach corrector to correct dark circles and pigmentation and a green corrector to counter act redness. The green may also cancel out the peach corrector completely neutralizing the skin. The contour shade is a bonus for a warm dewy effect. Most suitable to skin tones upto Mac nc44/45.
Price: R320 for 7.5 grams. Shop on Use “missdhanusha” for 10% off therefore costing R288 including delivery to major cities.
Packaging: It comes in a black cardboard box with a little pamphlet with ingredients listed. The palette has a plastic transparent cover with 3 pans of eyeshadow size in a black case. The branding on it is simple and self-explanatory. It does not feel high end but it is sturdy. If you use your fingers you may mess around the pans which you can wipe off. It is quite convenient to travel with and fits into my make up bag whereas my larger contour palettes do not. It would have been even more convenient with a mirror on the inside. I am not sure what the little space in front of the pans is for, perhaps a tiny brush?
My experience with the product: I am going to elaborate on each shade and colour below but this is my overall view. Each shade is creamy and quite pigmented. They are smooth and much easier to blend than my ABH contour palette shades are. Whilst they are pigmented, if you put on too much it still diffuses quite well into the skin. They are not drying provided you use an eye cream and a moisturiser of course. They last the entire day when you set with a powder(I always set with a banana powder.) In comparison to the LA girl orange corrector which is way too rich for my skin tone(I am Mac NC45) this corrector is a much better-suited colour to correct my dark circles and pigmentation with. This blurs out the dark circles and conceals them if I use the green corrector over(only a smidge.) On my no makeup days, this is perfect to conceal my under eyes. On makeup days I can apply foundation over this and it hides the dark circles. Sometimes I highlight the area to brighten the under eyes. I am quite impressed by the formula and the fact that is long lasting.
Peach corrector: If you look at other brands correctors for medium skin tone, this shade is quite similar. It definitely neutralizes darker areas well and is easy to apply and blend. I use my finger to apply and blend it out. Since I got this I have not use the LA girl orange corrector again. A little does go a long way this product so do not go into too heavy handed. The texture is a little thick and smooth but it does not feel dry or heavy.
Green corrector: I barely ever use a green corrector as redness is not an issue I experience but I do use a bit of this over the peach corrector to neutralize the colour. In so doing I do not have to go in with a concealer afterward. These correctors do not feel as heavy as a liquid concealer(LA girl) this feels much lighter under the eyes. I use a tiny tiny amount as it is quite a light green.
Contour shade: This shade is creamier and the texture is less thick than the correctors.  Therefore, it’s a dream to blend out, which I usually do with an oval brush but you can use a brush you are comfortable with. It is quite pigmented, you most likely only need to use one application and it provides a dewy looking contour. The shade is warm toned and just right for a subtle contour. If you want to looked snatched I would set it with a darker powder. I still prefer the darkest shade of the ABH medium contour palette for my skin tone but this shade is wearable when I do not want a heavily contoured look. This is perfect for a beginner who is still learning how to cream contour. Note, use a light hand to apply. Also, note my hand is darker than my face.



Before using the peach & green corrector:


After colour correcting, no foundation

Overall thoughts: I think this is a good palette for the mere fact that you probably are not going to use all the shades of a large contour palette unless you are a makeup artist(or a blogger). This gives you just the ones you need if you suffer from dark circles, pigmentation and as a bonus if you want to contour. I think the packaging could be improved on but for the price, I think it is okay. I love that everything I need to correct and conceal as well contour is in one travel-friendly palette. Theres no need to carry the previous 5 or 6 single products. It is long wearing and does not tend to crease if set with a little powder or setting spray. This will last a long time as it is quite a bit of product and very pigmented. Is it a must have? If you suffer with dark circles like me then I would recommend it. It is not budget friendly for just the contour shade. If you have very dry under eye areas then this will probably not work that well for you.
I hope you enjoyed this review. Let me know if you have tried or want to try this? Would you like a blog on how to correct and conceal?
xx Miss Dhanusha
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Disclaimer: The product was sent to me but all views expressed are my own honest opinions. 

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  1. An Ordinary Gal

    The product looks great in your ‘no make up look’ picture. I do tend to have dry undereyes though, so won’t be trying it out. But I agree that for the price, the packaging could be improved on. I thought this was like a cheap no name brand palette from Dischem.
    Love how honest you are despite receiving the product for free.

    1. missdhanusha

      Thank you. If you use a quite hydrating eye cream it may work but do you colour correct with this shade? I agree.
      Thanks I do try to keep an honest unbiased view.

      1. An Ordinary Gal

        I use peach yes. In fact I just dab a bit of everything under there. lol. I don’t colour correct always though, just on occasion. I’ve got the Hean colour corrector wheel.

      2. An Ordinary Gal

        Re-looked, the last 2 pics are a bit lighter than the tops ones…the peach I use is much lighter.

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