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These past few days of February seems like it flew past faster than the whole of January, doesn’t it? For me, it seems to be dragging along as we wait for the installation guys to install the fibre. I am at the mall making use of the public Wi-Fi, there seems to be so much I have missed out on online, please bear with me. I digress, today I am going to share my thoughts on another South African brand named Phytocare that has me in awe.
I was sent some of their products towards the latter part of last year and as you know I had to test it before giving my final thoughts. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen me post about them. Before I get into the review, let me tell you a little about Phytocare…

About the brand

Phytocare is an 100% all natural, derived from nature’s finest selection of botanical carrier and essential oils, plant extracts, moisturisers and antioxidants, natural humectants as well as plant hydrosols. Their products are completely free of parabens, fragrances, synthetics and harmful chemicals. They claim that choosing natural and organic skincare is more beneficial to your largest organ -your skin.


This is a 10ml moisture serum formulated with only 100% purified squalane(derived from sugar cane). Squalane is an oil-less oil – a non-greasy,super absorbent oil which locks in and prevents moisture lock from the skin. It does not contain any fragrances and is suitable to all skin types including sensitive skin.
I started using this in the colder months, every night before bed after cleansing. Every morning I woke up with supple, hydrated skin that felt quite moisturised but not oily. The serum is absorbed into the skin and would work especially well for dry skin. Even with my combination to oily skin, it did not feel greasy. I would use a drop of this in conjunction with my foundation(not water based as it would break it up) for a more dewy look. If you are unsure how to choose foundation, read here.
The consistency is that of an oil, it transparent and non-greasy. Once you apply it on the skin it is absorbed quite quickly and feels instantly hydrated. The packaging of these are quite elegantly designed, they have a dropper and a glass bottle. The gold rimming makes it feel quite high end and it works quite effectively with the white rubber dispenser. For travel, I bubble wrap them as they are glass and they are quite small so they fit into my travel makeup bags.
If you are in the market for a hydrating oil, I would definitely recommend this. I used it as a moisturiser at night in conjunction with the brighten eye serum. This retails for R275 which is not bad considering you use a few drops at a time. I used it for months every night and I still half more than half a bottle remaining.



The Eyelixir has the same packaging and design of the Squalane which works just as well for an eye serum. The consistency of this is a little more concentrated and has a yellow tinge to it. I apply a drop of this under the eye every night to defeat my terribly dark circles and reduce fine lines as well as puffiness. When I say terribly dark, I mean 2-3 shades darker than the rest of my skin.
It is quite a rich serum, that feels cool under the delicate eye area. I massage the area as well to help the serum to be absorbed into the skin. Over the past few months using this, my dark circles has improved, the puffiness has reduced and the fine lines are in check.

This contains organic lemon essential oil to help brigthen darkness, natural vitamin E that moisturizes and slows down the process of ageing. It also contains organic oils: jojoba, rosehip and sweet almond that penetrate deep into the skin tissue stimulation collagen production.
Now while nothing will get rid of my dark circles, this does help keep the area hydrated and reduces the darkness. I love the added moisture it gives my eye area and will definitely recommend it. It does target wrinkles as well. For R275 this is a steal and I use just a drop under each eye every night.

Minted Mist Facial Toner

I have said before that I never realised the importance of toner until I started using one. What I love about this is the mint fresh scent from the peppermint essential oil. This toner cleans the skin and gets rid of any excess oils or make up. I find it especially useful now in summer as my skin tends to get oilier.
It is packaged in a froted plastic bottle with a spray nozzle, I spray twice onto cotton pads then wipe across my face. In hindsight, it could not with the spray nozzle but I guess you could spray it directly onto your face then wipe away. I suppose if you want to use it as refresher in the day then it would work well too.
This toner has become my go-to as it contains organic rosewater hydrosol and non-alcoholic witch hazel, both have astringent properties. This means it helps tightens blood vessels and restores vessel as well as skin tone. Rosewater hydrates, reduces redness and soothes irritated skin. This does not leave the skin feeling dry as some toners do, it quenches the skins thirst. It is suited to dry, sensitive and aging skin. It also contains tea tree oil that prevents breakouts. It is retails for R220 for 100ml but should last quite some time.

Overall thoughts

An all natural plant based brand that means it is cruelty free and all sorts of good for your skin. They are vegan as well, I will find out if they are affiliated to Beauty without Cruelty and update this post. Their customer service is great and they continue to make innovative skincare products. I am impressed and quite keen to try out the Healixir next which is supposed to be a dupe for Farsali oil as well as the clarifying clay. They have been added to Faithful to Nature online store as well.

Phytocare has been wonderful enough to give me a discount code for you guys. Please see my discount tab for other discounts codes.

Use “missdhanusha” for 5% off on their site here

Have you tried any of their Phytocares products? Do let me know in the comments section, don’t forget to subscribe as well. Some awesome things coming soon.
Until next time,

xx Miss Dhanusha

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me to for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. I enjoyed this read. I’ve also been loving the products I’ve used from this brand and definitely wanna try a few more.

    1. missdhanusha

      Thank you. Yes definitely keen to try the one you mentioned. Thanks for reading

  2. lady lisaa

    this is my first time I hear about this product. The most important thing is 100% natural. Anyway nice sharing. 🙂

    1. missdhanusha

      Thank you for reading. Love that they are all natural

  3. Cashé Kidd

    I’ve been searching for 100% natural and 100% local products in SA. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Keshni Reddy

    i have read every article in your blog 🙂
    its my go to place when having lunch at work. as i cant eat without reading or watching something lol

    1. missdhanusha

      Awh Thank you so much. This really made my day. It means I need to write more if you’ve read all of them 😏❤

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