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Hi weirdos,
Happy Friday! I apologize for not posting sooner, I had tests, my birthday and I have just been overall busy (in the best way). It has been truly an incredible month, I am so blessed to have such amazing people in my life. A couple of weeks back I was invited by Paint & Sip for their art lesson and oh boy was I thrilled! I have seen this event happening for years and always wanted to try it out…
I have always been into painting, wine and food (of course) so naturally I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my Sunday afternoon at than at Venue D’aria for this incredible experience. The premise of the event is to mimic a piece provided by an expert artist while sipping on a glass of wine (or two). You are provided with a blank canvas, paint brushes, 5 paint colours and the aforementioned experienced local artist with a step-by-step guideline to create your own work of art. A free glass of wine (for over 18’s) is apart of the package as well a 4 course meal!
The best part of this entire event is that the proceeds are donated to a worthy cause which is Call 2 Care: an NGO in Cape Town that was started about 3 years ago by a team of enthusiastic volunteers to aid the people of Khayelitsha. Thereafter, it became a voice of the disadvantaged to create sustainable community development projects that connect volunteers, other NGOs and anyone that can help. They do a variety of community service projects and you can read all about them here.
We were greeted by friendly faces upon entering, promptly seated and then brought our glasses of wine. There was an artist upon the stage with an overhead projector, her blank canvas and the painting we were going replicate. Upon our tables were the tools, paints and a guideline with steps on how to complete the picture provided by the artist.
The local artist was quite encouraging, she told us to paint it however we interpreted it. I saw someone paint a huge pretty flower instead of the vast land the painting depicted so you really need not be intimidated at all. It is such a bubbly environment with groups of friends, families and colleagues at the tables surrounding us complemented by some lively music. When you run out of paint, one of the servers or volunteers will gladly top you up. Once the starters were served I knew I had to pause and enjoy the delectable dishes that were provided. The premier experience at D’aria was quite top notch, I enjoyed all the food and wine.
I was accompanied by my boyfriend, Nikesh and even though he had not painted before, he loved it. You really could be an amateur or professional at this event because it suits everyone! He said it was a good social event that was therapeutic. The artwork was nice and simple to copy and there’s no competitiveness around it so it’s a very relaxed experience. Their slogan is: The more you sip, the easier it gets.
Paint & Sip occurs quite often in different locations in Cape Town, you can check out their Facebook page for upcoming events. The prices range from R325-R375 which I think is quite reasonable for all it includes. They are going to start a Clay and sip which I am so excited about!
What’s really cool about this organisation is they can create a tailor made experience for you or your company. How great would this be as a year-end function for example? They can do something else completely customized for your brand, so get in touch them if you are interested in private or corporate events.
Big shout out to the American volunteer Inbar Millo who was a volunteer that founded Paint & Sip. It’s such fun and gives back to the community, what could be better? I 10/10 recommend you attend or even get your custom made experience for your team/company/friends.
Until next time,
Unleash your creativity,
xx Miss Dhanusha   

Disclaimer: I was invited by Paint & Sip to review their event as a trade exchange. All opinions and views are my own unless stated otherwise.


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