6 tips you need when dealing with airports

Hi weirdos,
Welcome to my second post of the week, if you missed yesterdays post, I am doing a blog post every day this week (Monday-Friday). If you know me, you know I love to travel, I did a trip this past December to Johannesburg and while booking with Travelstart is easy, which you can read about it here. I think most people can agree that airports dreadful, so I am going to tell you my favourite tips for a pleasant travelling experience.
1. Travel light – The worst is when you over-pack and you need to pay extra for the extra kilo’s. Once my mother over-packed (jokes she always over-packs) then she had to remove carrots and cauliflower etc. from her bag, it was so embarrassing! Johannesburg has these vegetables anyway (Laughs out loud). If you are travelling for just a day or a weekend, use a carry-on bag which saves you time checking in and waiting for the luggage afterwards. Make use of travel-sized items to help you achieve this. Remember liquids cannot be more than 100ml for international flights.

2. Check-in online – Checking-in online via the mobile app or the website 24 hours before the flight is the best thing! You usually can skip the long line, just drop off your luggage and you get to choose your seat.
3. Arrive early We all know we should be there an hour early for local flights and 2 hours for international however, the later you get there the longer you wait in lines and I really hate waiting! If you forget to check-in online, when you get to the check-in counter, ask them for a window seat (shh! do not tell everyone this or all the window seats will always be taken!) Also, I love browsing at Exclusive books or get a cappuccino at the airport, it’s just not the same in-flight (also more expensive sometimes). If you you get there early for an international flight you can shop duty free and who doesn’t love that?
4. Dress comfortably – Wear jeans or a tracksuit or whatever you feel comfortable in and don’t forget to wear comfy shoes too. I am really not sure how some people wear heels and travel but I am not one of those people!
5. Travel documents – If you are travelling locally you may use you your drivers licence to check-in which means your ID can stay at home (I tend to lose things). For international flights, I recommend you making a certified copy of your passport and keeping it separate to your actual passport in the event it gets lost or stolen.
6. Wi-Fi – Most airports have free Wi-Fi that you can log in to by adding your e-mail address and number so you can save your data that is insanely expensive for when you leave the airport! Heck, stream music if you want to, with Spotify around in SA, you can be enjoying your time at the airport. One thing I never travel without are my earphones, music makes everything better.

I hope these tips help you manage dealing with airports much more efficiently. Don’t forget to sit back relax and take in the view from the aircraft which is my favourite thing to do when travelling.
Happy travels,
Until tomorrow,

xx Miss Dhanusha

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Travelstart. All information given is my own and correct to my knowledge.

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  1. Zeenat Carrim

    Awesome tips 😊

  2. Melanie

    Oops, not sure why my previous comment just sent a random “yes” lol… was still busy!
    Anyway… YES to the light packing!!!!
    When we went to the States for a 3-week holiday a few years ago, both my husband and I only had carry on bags. We made it work. I watched MANY, many YouTube packing guide videos!! I will never travel with check in luggage, especially when flying international and you have to navigate subway stations and literally run from one stop to the next. Carry ons are much easier!
    Your post has left me with some wanderlust. Need to travel again soon!
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    1. missdhanusha

      Thank you so much for reading. That sounds like an adventure!

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