My Birthday Weekend Shenanigans {Part one}

Hi weirdos,
Are you guys excited for Easter weekend? I know I am, I have already ate some yummy chocolate eggs. It’s my nephews birthday on Sunday and tomorrow is a holiday so I am looking forward to it. My birthday was on St.Patrick’s day and it was one of the best birthday weekends ever. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen that I haven’t really celebrated my birthday since I came back from the states(3 years ago). I took a poll on Instagram asking if I should write about it and more than 90% of you said yes so today I am going to tell you all about it…
But before I get into the celebration I am going to show you how I prepped my skin because a girl needs to glow on her birthday right?! Two huge zits appear on my t-zone in the week and I was horrified! I never had such huge pimples on my forehead or nose area before, but it was my test week  so I think it was stress related. The Pink Cosmetics masks I used were: Macha, Spirulina & french clay mask powder followed by Coconut milk, oat & chamomile mask powder. I absolutely love the Pink Cosmetic masks and I will review them if you guys want a full review, let me know in the comments. Please test products before using it, two masks can be heavy on the skin at once. It left my skin bright, clean and glowing. I then used the Phytocare squalane which I reviewed here.

The day before my birthday (Friday) my boyfriends family took me to breakfast to such a beautiful restaurant, it’s called The Gardener’s Cottage.  The shadows on my food below is from the trees surrounding the restaurant, the ambiance is so peaceful, it’s a great spot. I am a huge breakfast person, I love food in general but breakfast is definitely my favourite meal of the day. My breakfast choice was eggs benedict with pesto, mushrooms and a cappucino to drink. This breakfast was probably one of the best I’ve had! Trying eggs benedicts at different places and comparing them is a hobby of mine, when I find my top 3 I will let you guys know…
Thereafter I went to Access Park, if you haven’t already heard of it, it’s a huge shopping destination with many factory outlets that have massive sales. I wanted to buy a new pair of sneakers because mine are ancient and I needed some things for our little getaway in Hermanus which I will tell you all about in tomorrow’s post. Turns out my boyfriend surprised me with a pair of sneakers so I didn’t need that anymore. Shopping around is one of the most painful things for me, so I got a couple of tops, a costume and some flops then left (you’ll see me wearing them in tomorrow’s posts too).
For the evening I booked a table at Living Room, this is a quite fancy club in the northern suburbs of Cape Town (I am not promoting clubbing by the way). When we arrived they were not opened yet and I was told arrive before 10.30pm lol, I was getting a bit worried. Anyway, we got a pleasant setup and had a great evening dancing to all our old school favourite tunes, the likes or Snoop Dogg, B2K and so many others. The music is always good here that’s why I enjoy it, although it’s probably my first and last time at a club this year (I am getting too old for it haha!).
This was the make-up look I created for the night, to match my dress. It was a shimmer black eye shadow and winger liner and a red lipstick. The rest of my face is my normal everyday make-up look. For those that are going to ask me where my dress is from, don’t bother (lol). It’s actually a dress I got in Miami in 2014 and I never wore it before this day! I wish I got a better picture in it, alas, you can still see the glitter. I love anything that sparkles!
A few shots later…
All I know is do not mix tequila and jagerbombs! Because well, let’s just say my boyfriend had to witness some of my food I ate in the morning, not in a good way! (sorry if that was too much!). I really enjoyed day Friday of my birthday weekend, tomorrow I will share about about our trip…
Thanks to everyone that partied with me and thanks to Living Room for having us.
Keep celebrating life,
Until tomorrow,

xx Miss Dhanusha 

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored posts, any brands or companies mentioned were of my own accord. Images from Living were used from their Facebook page.

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  1. Aisha

    Lovely dress and makeup! Looks like you had a fantastic birthday – you deserve it! Xx

  2. A Girazi Thing

    You look so beautiful 😍 Happy belated birthday! What a lovely post ❤

  3. teshieogallo

    Don’t know how I never saw this before but wow your birthday was so lit. Thanks for having me 😊

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