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My Birthday Weekend Shenanigans – Hermanus Mini-Getaway {Part two}

Hi weirdos,
Happy Good Friday! I hope your Easter weekend is filled with impeccable food, delicious wine and quality time with your loved ones. Yesterday I published part one of my birthday posts, read it here if you haven’t already. Continuing where we left off, the morning of my birthday we were invited to the 12 Apostles hotel for high tea which you can read all about here. It was the best start to an epic weekend and really cured any symptoms of a hangover.

“Once a year, go somewhere you haven’t been before”

I’m standing on a little mountain cliff and taking in this awe-inspiring view wondering how lucky I am to be here. All it takes to remember how blessed you are is a stunning view, great company and maybe a glass of wine. We often forget that we are surrounded by beauty, in South Africa alone there are so many little gems that we tend to overlook. But not today…
If the title didn’t give it away yet, the chosen destination is Hermanus. It is a town on the southern coast of the Western Cape famously known for whale watching during the southern winter and spring. The drive to Hermanus is about an hour and 20 minutes from Cape Town and even the route is so scenic! We turned up the volume of the trance music and enjoyed the smooth ride.
Our Airbnb was perfect for the night, cosy, spacious and very neat. We even had chocolates on each of our bedsides! It’s the second time we used Airbnb in South Africa and I highly recommend it, I have used it in the United States as well. The couple that hosted us were super friendly and welcoming. My boyfriend was suffering with hayfever so they gave us some meds and we took a nap, we were also tired from being up until late and waking up early.

Evening soon came and we were hungry so we went out for supper. The Airbnb is actually very close to the town where it was quite lively. We ended up at Tapas Food and Wine bar, it had a good vibe and looked pretty decent. It was quite full though so we had to wait for a table but eventually I got some red wine and Alfredo pasta, it was pretty tasty. We came home an opened a bottle of wine and chatted until almost midnight.
Check-out time was 11am on the Sunday and I planned to leave exactly then. We were all packed and ventured out for the best waffles in Hermanus to Belgian Waffles, Beer & Burgers. Their waffle menu is extensive from savoury to sweet and it did not disappoint! Their service is really commendable and the view from the restaurant is lovely! I feel like driving there to get waffles right now actually (Prepare for your mouth to be salivating). Pictured is the Oreo Chocolate waffle and the toffee and banana waffle.
We spent the early afternoon walking the extensive boardwalk and I felt like a tourist snapping pictures along the way. I could not get over the magnificent view. There are artworks and spectacular view points. Hermanus is my favourite view in the Western Cape as of now! I do have many more places to see but I lived in Stellenbosch and have been to the west coast so let’s see if this changes…

I have thank my boyfriend for putting up with my perfectionist mentality when taking pictures, shame, I think he takes them badly now so I stop asking him to take a million pictures. Anyway, we continued to stroll through the humungous Fernkloof Nature Reserve. It’s 18 square kilometres in the Kleinrivier Mountains in Hermanus and ranges in altitude from sea level to 842m. More than 1250 species of plant have been collected and identified in the Reserve so far. Grey rhebok, Cape grysbok, klipspringer, baboon, mongoose and dassie are can also been seen in small numbers. I saw a dassie and got a shock! It was the first time I ever saw one. There also concrete slabs with the planets on them and information about them.

We then proceeded to the market nearby, there was quite a large variety of things you could get. From African beads to clothing to foods and much more.  Guess who was on a black and white wallet I saw? Avril Lavigne (Shrieks with excitement). Where else do you find a wallet with yout favourite singer of all time?! It was meant to be! I also got a pair of sunnies to replace my rounded black pair of sunnies that I lost while suit shopping with the boyfriend.
After all that walking it was time to relax so we headed over to the beach. The weather was quite warm and I had my costume on already (although I never swim unless it’s in kraalbaai). There weren’t many people at the beach, after an hour or two it started to get cloudy and most people left. Then we had the entire beach to ourselves so I got the boyfie to do a little mini-shoot. You gotta do it for the gram!
We drove home and showered and then met my best friend from campus for Thai food, his birthday was the day after this. I’m inlove with Hermanus and I am sure we will be visiting soon even if its just for the day. If you are looking for a place to visit in the Western Cape I recommend it! I am going to leave a link to Airbnb of mine which you can use and you will get R469.00 in travel credit if you sign up.
Airbnb –
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Always take the scenic route,
Happy Easter,
xx Miss Dhanusha 

Disclaimers: This post is in no way sponsored by Airbnb or any company mentioned in this post. All expenses were paid for by me unless stated otherwise. 

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  1. I agree- we should always go to one place per year we have never been! And I love Avril Lavigne also.

    1. awh thank you

  2. Wow this all sounds amazing. Your food photos look delicious and are making me hungry. I love your swimming costume too! Great post xx

    1. thank you for reading😊

  3. Happy birthday! Looks like you enjoyed a fabulous time all round.

    1. Thank you so much. I had a great time

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