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Hi weirdos,
How often do you reminisce about your childhood days? I think about it every now and then and remember how carefree it was. The adults always said enjoy your childhood because when you get older there’s so much more responsibilites. Here we are now, adults as they call it. Yet, most of us just complain about ‘adulting’, how much “bills we have to pay”, how everything is “so expensive” and how “petrol is just too costly.” To tap back on that youthful persona of yours, Travelstart and I are challenging you to be a kid again…
I remember it like it was yesterday, every weekend without fail, I would be the first up one at 6am and sneak out of the room quietly to switch on the TV and watch my favourite cartoons. Nothing would be more devastating than if I missed The Smurfs, Gummy bears or Chip and Dale. Watching cartoons is definitely one way to feel stress-free, joyful and just like a kid again.
Board games are still my favourite thing and I jump at the chance to play 30 Seconds now (besides with my family who are too competitive). Growing up, Scrabble was probably my most played game, either because the adults were trying to teach me new words or I enjoyed it; I can’t seem to remember. But I do love the feel of winning! Who doesn’t?
Card games were always a firm favourite, there was never a dull moment playing cards. I still grab the opportunity to play cards whenever I can, it’s a good pastime that everyone can enjoy. When I think back, I remember rollerblading outside the house non-stop, gosh I feel old now! Have you rollerbladed or rode a bike? You are never too old to learn new things…
I barely play games anymore but I used to be glued to the TV while playing Super Mario on my Telegame station (I am giving away my age here). Playing games will surely make you feel like a kid again. If games are not your thing, try an adult colouring book, or just colour in something from a magazine, the feeling of holding a crayon again after years is such a great one!20180625_130020-018874168371247359889.jpeg
Ever held your hair brush in the mirror and sang as if you were on American Idol? I did that all the time, now I just turn up the music and have a dance party in my own room. Dancing releases endorphins and we all know how great endorphins make us feel. So be it dancing, swimming, playing soccer or running, being active will make you feel as good as you did as a kid.
Being childlike will surely get you through these adulting blues, but it can also win you a trip for two to Zanzibar or a Ryze Tello Minidrone and more. Enter here: Paper Jet Challenge.

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Picture credit: Pixabay

Look at this Tropical paradise that has a rich Swahili architecture, Persain baths (especially appealing to Capetonians) and an exquisite cuisine. It looks like the perfect escape from Cape Town’s winter. Now I really want to go to Zanzibar, don’t you? You can book here: Flights to Zanzibar. Remember to enter the Paper Jet Challenge by 7th July 2018.
Stay childlike,
xx Miss Dhanusha 
Disclaimer: This post is in Collaboration with Travelstart

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  1. gaithreergmailcom

    #travel #travelstart #beakidagain #childlike #zanzibar #collab #competition #mondayblues #realtalk #kid #paperjetchallenge #flights love to this awesome trip haven’t been on a trip only to JHB. Thank you for the opportunity to win a trip to Zanibar

  2. Chermel's World

    Super mario on the telegame statiion 🙂 we are certainly twins !

  3. While reading your post, it made me reminisce back to my childhood years. It was such an easier time then.🙈 I also still remember waking up super early to watch cartoons on etv or SABC 3😂 it was such a thing, and when we went back to school on Monday, we’d talk about the cartoons we watched over the weekend!
    Board games and card games are still my absolute fav thing to do with family or with friends. Especially UNO! I lose every single time, but it’s so fun!😂
    I loved this post! It made me miss my childhood days and all the things I used to do and mischief I used to get up to!
    I am def going to enter this comp. Bc I need a damn holiday!😂

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