Beauty Swop Or Sale Beauty Expo 2018 & Ticket Giveaway

Hi weirdos,
I bought a brand new laptop (finally) but it decided to break after I used it for one day and it was two weeks old! Just my luck I suppose, it is truly a bummer and it is going to cost a bit to fix. So for now, I am using someone else’s; fortunately I have some generous people around me. Anyway back to today’s post, the only shopping festival I look forward to for the year; The Beauty Swop or Sale Beauty Expo. Last year I won best dressed and I got a prize, read all about it here: The Beauty Swop or Sale Beauty Expo – Cape Town.
This year is a tad bit different but it looks even more promising. I interviewed the founder of the expo and of the Facebook group Charnelle Avontuur, to ask her questions that have been on my mind.
1. Which brands will be present at the Beauty Swop or Sale Expo?

Charnelle: “All of the brands on the poster will be present besides Marc Anthony, Kiss and Impress and Black Opal.”
fb_img_15314731778124049743702876533505.jpg2. Will the vendors have any sales or special releases?
Charnelle:Ofra Cosmetics and Pink Cosmetics will be launching new products at the Expo. Pink Cosmetics will have Goodie bags, giveaways and more…” (This is super exciting, I love both these brands and I have discount codes for them on my site.)
3. Why the change of venue this year?
Charnelle: “We changed the venue because we learned at our first expo last year that the venue was too small. We did not anticipate the amount of support we received. We also have more stalls available and bigger brands that came on board this year. We changed it up according to the feedback we received from attendees and plan to constantly improve on the expo. Our goal is to remain the biggest consumer beauty expo in South Africa.”

4. What will be in the goodie bags?

Charnelle: “As you know the goody bags are always kept a secret up until the day where we love to surprise out attendees. I can say though that it is super lit.”
5. Why should people attend this year?
Charnelle: “I will leave that upto you to answer as you have previously attended.” 
My answer:  I had so much fun at last years event; it was more than just a beauty expo. It allowed for so many beauty fanatics from the Facebook group to connect and chat about the things we love most. Imagine a Sephora store but with people you know, it’s that but better! (Yes, I have been to Sephora, lol).
General access tickets are available, you can purchase them online, here or at the door on the day. It will be at The Protea Fire & Ice on 28th July from 10am-3pm. You will be automatically entered into the spot prize draws on the day, one of which is to the value of R2000. 

Giveaway time: I am giving away two tickets(general access) to one lucky person so you can take your friend or family member with.

          All you have to do is comment on this blog post and let me who you would like to take with and why. Please leave your email address so I can contact you. Winner announced on 26th July.

Goodluck beauties, I hope to see you there.

P.S. Please do come say hi if you see me.

xx Miss Dhanusha         

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, tickets are provided by Beauty Swop or Sale.                                                        

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  1. Mariska Brand

    I would take my boyfriend’s sister with. Already bought tickets for me and another friend long time ago and only realized now while reading this blog post that she is a make up fanatic as well and I never even mentioned the expo to her. Oops …

  2. Dominica Bergman

    I would have loved to take my niece, Donna, with as she wants to be a makeup artist. However she may be busy as she is doing her internship at Carlton. Second choice my friend, Kogilam, who is getting married soon.

  3. shantal benn

    Hi I would like to take my daughter along with me , as only recently she has become interested in makeup since jenna ann holder has tought her so much about make up and she is loving it, i myself was also not that into make untill jenna ann holder introduced me to the facebook page and i just became obsessed.i have never bn to the expo this will be my first time. would really love to go, and exsplore the beauty of makeup

  4. Jana-Lereé Uys

    I would love to take my friend who is a makeup artist to the event as she recently got her qualification and is still working on expanding her kit.

  5. Taryn

    I would love to take my sister with, both of us are make up junkies 😍 We missed the first expo and it would be great to attend this one. Please consider us 😘

  6. Elizma

    I would love to take my best friend. I have recently discovered my love for makeup artistry and he has been my biggest supporter. This would also be my first time attending The Beauty Expo.

  7. Savannah Pead

    I would love to take my daughter – she is about to start her own blog on beauty and skincare and this would be amazing

  8. Merna

    Hi. I would like to take my daughter. She has also been into beauty and make up and her work requires her to wear almost theatretical makeup on a daily basis. I also want her to realize that she is a beautiful being and that she needs to live it.

  9. Nurul-Jehaan Basha

    I would like to take my sister with me. I think it’ll be an amazing time to spend with her at the expo to see the different brands of make up and maybe learn more about make up.

  10. Sharon

    I sincerely want to take my daughter with as we both need this fabulous time together and indulge as only a mom and daughter can.

  11. Telana van Zyl

    I would really like to take my best friend with. We love love love make up, but as you know life happens and we are a bit ‘plat sak’ lol
    The expo looked awesome last year!

  12. 083 2895 903

    Hi Dhanusha
    My name is Angelica and I would really love to take my mother Angeline… She used to be a well groomed women, a personal shopper, wore perfume and make up and her nails were always gorgeously done…. She lost herself when shr found out my brother was abusing drugs. She gave up her Job to look after his kids… I would really like to win those tickets to remind her who she use to be, to feel appropriate anf let her know that i acknowledge her.
    Thank you so much for reading.
    Angelica Petersen

    1. missdhanusha

      Hi no sorry not sure why it said that. The winner was chosen on Friday, the expo was yesterday

  13. raeesakikia

    I’m going to be in ct that weekend so I’d love to go! Is live to take either my bank (aka the hubby, I always get his opinions on makeup when I wana buy 😅) or my sister in law who lives in ct as well!

  14. Nuhaa

    Hi Miss D!
    I’d love to bring my cousin and best friend Natheefah! I would love for her to experience this incredible event with me. It’s her birthday month and this would be the perfect gift! Crossing my fingers.

  15. Karishma

    I’d definitely take my cousin, Ksheera, with me. She is quite passionate about makeup and is the person that I go to for advice as I can be so clueless at times. She’s always ready to help you look your makeup best 🙂

  16. Shanell

    Ill take my bestie,,,she does not leave home without make up even if its to go to gym 🙈she would jump out of her skin if she knew we can go

  17. Khalipha Ntloko

    I’m definitely taking my best friend, Matipaishe from Melanin Filled blog. She’s my best friend and we’ve been through thick and thin together – I’d love for this to be my appreciation gift to her xx

  18. Tasneem Abdol

    I’d love to take one of my longest friends, Tasneem, we share a name & yes its one of the reasons we became friends lol. One of my fav memories with was going to last year’s expo with her, getting ready together & then obsessing over our goodie bags afterwords. We unfortunately were not able to get tickets this year or see each other much as I moved and we no longer at university togetger but would love to go & suprise her with tickets as it is also her birthday a few days later.
    PS. I remember seeing you last year dressed all magical and would love to meet you this year

  19. Wisaal

    I would take my sister with me since she’s just begun getting interested in makeup. It would also be a good day to bond a little with her because out sibling rivalry is on another level lmao

  20. samjar

    I would like to take my bestie with me, she really needs a boost on life and a new look. I just want to spoil her abit and let her know that she is important to me.

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