Power Footwear's New Brand Ambassador Lisa Raleigh

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I hope you are well. Exam is upon us so you will be seeing less of me until mid-November. Not too long ago I attended an event in Shoe City with Power Footwear and Lisa Raleigh. I also got to try rebounding with Lisa as well as interview her which you can read about below.
Lisa, a prominent health and wellness expert, takes the helm of Power footwear’s fitness-focused principles after being appointed as an official brand ambassador. Raleigh fittingly fulfils this role thanks to her experience with expert advice, inspiration and motivation specialising in digestion, stress management, obesity and fitness management.
The relationship between Raleigh and Power footwear will consist of a series of in-store activations at various Shoe City branches throughout South Africa where its products are stocked. Additionally, consumer meetings will also be scheduled where her latest fitness management programme, Rebounding, will be showcased. “Lisa is a great match for Power as she brings her unique brand of integrity and drives to the table as an active voice of the targeted consumers,” says Swastika Juggernath, Bata South Africa Marketing Manager.
Raleigh’s first appearance for the brand will be a promotion for Power’s It’s your Move footwear range which emphasises flexibility and adapting to the natural motion of your foot. “I am looking forward to my new partnership with Power Footwear,” says Lisa Raleigh. “There is always a sense of excitement when working with a new brand and I am confident that my ethos and what I represent will draw attention to Power and engage new brand believers and enthusiasts!”
I asked Lisa a few of my most pertinent questions, her answers are below. Lisa is a vegetarian too so I had to ask her a question related to that.

  • What are your favourite vegetarian snacks? 

Vegetable juices, egg muffins, homemade granola, pita, wraps, nuts and seeds.

  • What are the benefits of rebounding and can everyone do it?

It’s really good for the kegel muscles, stimulates your lymphatic system, aids in releasing toxins, increases energy, improves digestion, helps with varicose veins and aids in weight loss. 2 minutes of rebounding is equivalent to 6 minutes of running therefore it is 3 times more effective. Everyone can do it besides pregnant women can rebound, breast feeding mothers after 2 weeks of giving birth.

  • Why are Power sneakers good for rebounding?

I have searched around looking for the perfect shoe that is lightweight and durable. Power sneakers are perfect because they are super light and comfortable. Watch out for the great deals!

  • What motivates you to get up on days you don’t want to?

Being a personal trainer, it is my clients that motivate me the most, I consult and have classes. I love my job.

Have you heard of Rebounding? If not, check it out here. It is difficult but really works up a sweat.
Until next time,
xx Miss Dhanusha
Disclaimer: This is a trade exchange with the brand.

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