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A Funko Pop! Christmas

Hi weirdos,
More than anything else, what draws us into a series or movie is the connection that we form with the characters. As we observe their experiences and see their characters develop we start to form a one-sided relationship with them knowing full-well that the world we’re seeing is completely fictional and that’s okay.
The aim of a good piece of entertainment is to appeal to your emotions and attempt to make you feel something towards the characters that are being represented. The more invested you are in a character, the more their outcomes will affect you.
Be it the near-endless brotherly struggles of Sam and Dean Winchester from Supernatural, the foolish antics of Rowan Atkinson’s Mr Bean, the awkward but thrilling journeys experienced by the kids of Stranger Things or mind-numbing day-to-day struggles faced by Leslie Knope of the Parks and Recreation Department each show has its own way of drawing us into its characters until the point that we are fully invested in their lives.
It’s this idea that Funko Pop! appeals to and understands so well; the representation of characters and the fine things that make them unique and the hours of brainstorming and writing that go into creating and developing a character into one that we absolutely adore or unequivocally despise. Each piece designed by Funko carefully takes a character’s traits into consideration despite how simply designed they may seem. Everything from the position of the eyebrows, to the way that they stand of to the props found accompanying them has been specifically placed to embody our beloved characters as accurately and light-heartedly as possible.
When you take a look at your favourite Funkos you’re immediately reminded of the amazing stories that they have taken part in, be it scenes that made you laugh, cry or think about things in a different perspective. It’s this power that a Funko Pop! holds that makes it the perfect gift for Christmas.
Knowing which characters your loved ones are fond of the most is one way to show how well you know them and that is something that’s acknowledged when they unwrap that present to find their favourite character shrunken town to 15 cm and preserved in a thoughtfully designed box. The Funko Pop! collection experience is one that brings smiles and good memories which is what Christmas is all about.
You can find Funko products in South Africa at BT Games, Cardies, Hamleys, Incredible Connection, Musica, Toy Kingdom, Toys R Us,  and Vodacom stores.  It is also available online on Loot.co.za, Takealot.com; Technomobi.co.za and Shopandship.co.za. Gammatek distributes Funkos and other product range please visit www.gammatek.co.za or follow them on Twitter @Gammatek and Facebook.
Are you a Funko Pop! fan or collector? Let me know in the comments. Follow me on social media as my giveaways will be going up soon.
Happy Festive season,

xx Miss Dhanusha,

Disclaimer: This post is a trade exchange with Gammatek SA. 

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