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My Goals For 2019 – It’s Not A New Me, Just A More Focused Me.

Hi weirdos,
Happy New Year! I wish you all the best for the year and I hope it’s a prosperous one. Yes, I know you are tired of hearing this “New year, new me” hogwash but this post is far from that. I have been feeling inspired and motivated not because it’s a new year but because it’s a fresh start. I realised I have been letting life just pass me by, “que sera sera” type of vibe, meaning I just let life happen to me.
I only started using Google calender in September of last year, I must have been dreaming for the rest of the time. I really want to be in charge of my life this year. I want to schedule tasks, save money, workout, and get fit. Most importantly I want to excel in my studies. It dawned on me that in order for me to achieve these things I need to make sure I fit it into my everyday life. Goals are met with consistent, conscientious effort on the daily. Now before I start sounding like Thought catalog, I thought I would share with you guys how I intend to track my goals for this year:

  1. Clean out your closet: This has nothing to do with planning really but sorting out your closet and clearing up clutter makes a world of a difference. I started by giving away what I no longer use and throwing out junk I have never used. I still have a long way to go but I am already feeling better about it.
  2. Keep a bullet journal: I know it sounds like some Instagram trend from 2 years ago but it’s fun and is helping my keep track of things. I watched a few videos on Youtube and decided to create one that works for me based on what I watched. You can use Google calender and notes but make sure you have a schedule. Plan tasks for the day, the week and the month. You should set goals for the day, week and month; keep track of these on the daily. You can write your feelings, emotions and desires here too. You can have a mood tracker as well which helps one understand oneself.
  3. Create a vision board: I am someone who thrives on imagination, creativity and facts. A vision board will bring to life the goals and dreams I imagine for me. Well, it will help me see it and manifest it, hopefully. I truly believe in affirmations, the law of attraction and positive thoughts. Maybe one day I will write about that but for now let me get back to creating that vision board!
  4. Get a meal plan: Okay, so my best friend is a nutrition expert and personal trainer so she is creating this for me but you can find one online that suits your needs. You could also create one if you research a bit. The reason I want to do this is to track my nutrition on the daily, as you know I am anaemic and vegetarian, this will help me be in control of my health. Even if you are completely healthy, it’s good to know what you are putting into your body. This will deter me from eating all the unhealthy foods I have been indulging in during the festive season. Also, meal plans make it easier to plan for the day and week in terms of grocery shopping. You can use an app like My Fitness plan to track your calories too.
  5. Save: I have been asking around on social media as to how people saved. Many methods were given, right now I have chose one that works for me being a student. I never knew how to save but I have put this into my calender and will make sure to save every month. I have specific things in mind to save for, these are on my vision board and will motivate me to stick to it.
  6. Exercise: I am not the fittest person but I try to get in exercise regularly, now with my journal I can schedule it in. Research shows exercising helps you become fitter, have more energy and prevents many illnesses. Also who doesn’t need endorphins? Yes you can eat chocolate but breaking a sweat never hurt anyone. Take up a sport or a dance class, just make sure you get your daily exercise. Do not forget to exercise your mind too, crosswords, sudoku, brain teasers –  healthy minds equal healthy bodies.
  7. Reflect: At the end of the day go back to your schedule and see what you accomplished. Re-plan and re-focus for the next day if you couldn’t finish the task today. Jot down the time you got tired, when you refueled on coffee and when you burnt out or were most energetic. Use these to structure the days and weeks more accordingly. Do not forget to rest, take time for your self and sleep!

It is easy to say this is my plan for the year but it takes hard work and dedication to achieving it unless you want to be couch potato. I’m also not saying you need to do all this, heck I didn’t do much of it before now but these are tools I am hoping will keep me on track. This will help me plan content better and write more for you. I am someone who likes to plan and feel in control, if you are like me these may help you too. I will check back in 6 months and let you know how this all pans out.
For now, back to planning! Let me know in the comments if this was helpful and what content you would like to see from me.
xx Miss Dhanusha 

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  1. Hi miss D, Please could you work in skincare reviews and routines… ❤️

    1. Hi Rene, thank you! will do

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