Organics Anti-Hair Fall Range – The Causes Of Hair Fall {Part Two}

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As you might remember last month I chatted to you about the Organics anti-hair fall range. If you missed that, check it out here. Today I am going to discuss the causes of hair fall. I am not a doctor or a hair expert but I have done extensive research to find the most common causes of hair fall; there are a number of potential triggers and it may even be genetic.
Some hair shedding may be genetic meaning you are inclined to experience it because. of your genetic makeup or history. Other types of hair loss are reactive which means it is your hair’s reaction to a major change in your body or lifestyle. I think you could experience a number of triggers at once or over time. Research one in three women will suffer from hair loss.
The most common triggers for hair shedding are stress and hormones. Not a surprise here but stress is one of the leading causes of hair fall and usually causes an imbalance. Hormones play a vital key in maintaining our hair health. When you hormones are imbalanced many things can be affected in your body especially skin and hair. Hair is not particularly needed for our day-to-day functions therefore it is the first to go. Hair loss is usually caused by an internal issue thus we must look inward to find the cause. It’s worth noting however, that hair regulates our body temperature, aids with perspiration and acts as sense organs.
Deficiencies are also contributors to hair loss. Both iron and vitamin B12 deficiencies are known to cause hair shedding. On average we shed almost a hundred strands of hair a day, if you find your hair to be shedding more than this for 3 months or more, it’s best to visit your GP. Blood tests are needed to find out if you have a deficiency. I have low iron and vitamin B12 levels but I supplement and use good products that help my hair and nails.
Of course ageing affects many aspects of our bodies; let’s not forget hair is one of them. It is natural for hair strands to become thinner as we get older. If you are going through menopause or about to, it is known that hair loss may be caused.
There are many other causes for hair shedding. It’s either genetic, in which case you need medical treatment, or it’s reactive. It could even be both. If you have shedding over a period of time and it’s constant it is best to seek professional help. For example, if the cause is genetic then changing your diet may not really help it. There are hair specialists known trichologists which you could seek help from.
What should you do if you suffer from hair loss? Do not stress, change your diet and/or avoid hairstyles that cause traction.
If you are already stressed, more stress is not going to help at all. Monitor the hair fall and your lifestyle. Lifestyle changes can be made to help remedy the situation but as I said above, if it is more than three months of hair loss then visiting a GP would be a good idea. Similarly, the process of bearing a child can have an effect as well. Telogen effluvium known as the thinning of hair is very common during pregnancy.
Hair is made up of protein therefore you need to have the right amount of proteins per day. A healthy amount of complex carbohydrates are also needed. Having a balanced diet is good start. There are supplements for hair but it is still best to consult with your doctor.
Heavy styling techniques or hairstyles can add more stress on the hair follicles and cause more hair loss. Refrain from over styling or pulling the hair to create hair styles.
Hair fall is complex and may not always be caused by one factor. There are products on the shelf but no one product may solve the issue. You have to observe your overall health and lifestyle especially your diet and get the necessary professional help.
In part 3 of this series I will be discussing lifestyle and diet changes you can make help your hair health. Subscribe to my blog so you do not miss out.
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  1. Tarryn Walbrugh

    I swear this was God sent….. I have been having this hair loss problem lately. Very bad to my normal hair loss….and thanks to this, I realised I haven’t been taking my B12 supplements this few months
    Such a good read!

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