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Winter is almost here so it’s time to Netflix and chill. During load shedding Netflix really had our backs and I feel like they were the only brand providing a solution to our suffering. They have a cool feature that lets you download episodes to watch which came in handy for when we experienced load shedding. I’m grateful load shedding has come to a halt and hope it never returns but it gave me some time to watch some new series. So shout-out to Netflix for having our backs!
Nikesh and I love watching shows together so we have rounded-up our top 10 shows. We both have different tastes but there are some that featured on both our lists. Grab a cup of something because this is a bit of a lengthy read. In no particular order here are our faves:

  • Breaking Bad

Despite airing over five seasons, the story of Breaking Bad only takes place over two years. This is a bit of a surprise considering how many twists and turns this show takes throughout its five year runtime. The show follows Walter White; a chemistry high school teacher who is very clearly unhappy with his mundane life. Adding fuel to the fire is a severe cancer diagnosis of which he is unable to financially deal with. As a result he turns to cooking meth in order to sustain his bills and goes by the name of Heisenberg.
Breaking Bad is a one-of-a-kind story that currently sits at number 5 on IMDb’s top rated TV shows. What makes it so intriguing is its outrageous story that’s told through relatable characters. It’s also a rare case of displaying the main character as an antagonist and is displayed in a manner that makes you feel compassion for him despite not being deserving of it.

  • Stranger Things

Stranger Things is the perfect tribute to cinema of the 70s and 80s with the show being jam-packed with references to iconic movies. The show follows the adolescent adventures of Mike, Will, Lucas and Dustin who encounter a girl with supernatural powers who goes by the name of Eleven and her connection to an alternate universe simply known as the ‘upside down’ in which strange creatures exist.
Stranger Things is a perfect blend of 80s aesthetic and modern storytelling that conveys a great amount of depth with each episode; a true challenge considering the size of its cast. Despite the story following a bunch of kids it’s worth noting that it’s best suited for a more mature audience as certain scenes can be a bit spine-chilling.
The show will air its third season on the 4th of July with an eight episode count. While you’re waiting, it’s worthwhile immersing yourself in the lore by checking out the official Stranger Things game available on Android and iOS.

  • Jane the Virgin

A young catholic Latina called Jane discovers she is pregnant while being a virgin. She promised herself to remain chastise until marriage but she was artificially inseminated by mistake. The biological father is a married man named Rafael, who is a cancer survivor and a former playboy. He is the owner of the hotel where Jane works and was her former teenage crush. The doctor that inseminated Jane happens to Rafael’s sister. Petra, Rafael’s wife is a cunning woman who schemes to have whatever it is she desires.
Currently there are 4 seasons on Netflix SA but there are 5 seasons of this show. This comedy-drama is based on a telenovela and will have you in stitches!
If you are looking for something light-hearted but full of drama you should try this. It is not my type of show but I was recommended it so I gave it a try and finished every episode in no time!

  • The Sinner

When it comes to criminal investigation shows it’s always a challenge to set your show apart from the rest because there are so many overlapping themes. The Sinner is one show that has managed to find a comfortable niche with its first season which places a heavy focus on subconscious trauma. Cora, just your everyday blue collar housewife, suddenly finds herself maliciously stabbing a man to death while out on a family excursion to the beach. Cora is adamant that her victim is a complete stranger but in the eyes of lead detective Harry Ambrose, there’s clearly more than meets the eye.
The case, which takes place over eight episodes, is a journey into Cora’s mind as Harry dives into her obscure past to uncover her dark secrets. At times it’s a story that can be very confusing and at certain points it may feel as if the story is going nowhere but the narrative twists and turns in a manner that’ll having you want to binge the entire season in one sitting.
With The Sinner being an anthology, season two, not yet available to stream on Netflix will follow a separate case.

  • Mindhunter

This American crime drama is a Netflix original set in the 1970’s is based on the book Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit. Two detectives from the FBI are on a mission to investigate murderers who commit more than one homicide. Detective Holden Ford and Bill Tench make it their mission to travel around the states, with a help of a psychologist, to find links between these type of criminals, as at the time there was no name for a mass murderer. They hope to use their findings to help with current cases.
This psychological thriller is definitely binge-worthy if crime dramas are your type of show! It does have some graphic scenes but it’s not as traumatic as other shows. Season 1 comes with a bunch of extra content that gives a bit of background to the real-life killers on which some of the characters are based.
I am waiting for season 2 of this show but the release date is still to be announced.

  • One Punch Man

Although the first season is only 12 episodes, there’s so much to talk about when it comes to One Punch Man. The protagonist, Saitama, has always longed to be a superhero and after years of training he finally achieves it. The catch is, he’s become a bit too strong and can now defeat any villain with just a single punch. As a result of overachieving, Saitama now lives to find his ultimate nemesis as a true test of his strength.
As serious as the synopsis sounds, One Punch is in fact a borderline comedy as it follows the mundane lifestyle of the hero as he shops for groceries and tries to kill a fly. The charm of this anime comes in the way each villain is given a sense of character as they’re given an intricate backstory detailing their path to evil only to be wiped away by just a single punch at the hand of Saitama.
Season 2 is currently on air as it continues the adventures of Saitama and his apprentice, Genos. The animation style is has evolved just a little but the lunacy is likely to remain.

  • End of the F***ing World

We often see stories of dysfunctional couples but with End of the F***ing World we get a glimpse of what a functional couple works together in a series of dysfunctional situations. The dark comedy follows James who believes that he’s a murderous psychopath and Alyssa, a sassy teen who has had just about enough of her unstable living conditions.
The two decide to set off on a criminal adventure as they toy with theft, murder and more in an attempt to find Alyssa’s father for a safe haven. The show focuses strongly on character development and taking charge of one’s own life but also reminds us that there are consequences when you do something wrong regardless of the cause.
Season 2 has been confirmed but a release date is yet to be announced.

  • Master of None

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I’ve been a fan of Aziz Ansari ever since he appeared in Parks & Recreation so when he over onto his own project after the successful comedy had ended a six-year stint I was intrigued. Master of None plays well on the saying ‘a jack of all trades but a master of none’ as Dev Shah celebrates the ups and downs of living in New York in your 30s.
Not only is Master of None is both relatable and thought-provoking with its script but it also offers a pleasing visual experience that gets changed up every few episodes. The series also provides a refreshing narrative by removing the main characters ever so often to create more depth to its background.
Despite having huge interest, both Netflix and Aziz Ansari have not confirmed a third season for the show.

  • White Gold

Personally I never thought it would be possible to glamorise the door and window fitting industry but thanks to The Inbetweeners creator Damon Beesley we’re able to experience this. The comedy is completely outlandish with Ed Westwick playing the lead character, Vincent, as someone you love to hate. Vincent prides himself in lying, cheating and stealing his way to the top with no fear of burning his bridges.
White Gold is not a comedy for someone who can be easily offended as it draws a lot from its Inbetweeners roots. It’s a show with no filters and it’s not afraid to show it. Season 2 is currently on air on BBC Two and will likely make its way to Netflix shortly after it ends its schedule there.

  • The Bodyguard

As soon as it starts, The Bodyguard is an incredibly intense experience that twists and turns throughout its six episode story. It stars Richard Madden (you might know him as Robb Stark) playing the role of David Budd who is an Afghanistan war veteran now tasked with protecting the Julia Montague, the prime minister of the UK.
David has to deal with this stressful job while suppressing the anxiety and stress he occurred from his days in war and this feeling is translated to the audience very strongly. Despite being only six episodes, each part is close to an hour and offers lots of depth in both the story-telling and acting.
Seeing that this is a mini-series there will be no more seasons of the Bodyguard.

Let me know what your favourite shows are on Netflix? I am always looking for recommendations.
Until next post,
xx Miss Dhanusha

Images all taken from Netflix or other sites.

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    Ummm, I think this confirms my Netflix addiction coz I’ve watched 9 out of the 10 😅.

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      I have just never gotten to writting this post but we finished these a while ago. I have another 10 to suggest lol. Which is the one you haven’t watched? One Punch Man?

    1. missdhanusha

      I love the first season. Let me know what you think of it

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