{Giveaway} Oway Launches in South Africa

Hi weirdos,
Oway (organic way) has arrived in South Africa this May with a range of haircare products boasting some bold promises. For starters, it’s the first line with biodynamic, organic and fair trade ingredients to benefit your hair and scalp. Oway bases this production on stringent and ethical production principles making it the purest and natural haircare product line available today.
Oway uses natural and organic raw materials obtained through ethical means and is composed via green chemistry. Expect to find ingredients such as essential oils and pure micronized plants from biodynamic farming; the principle of harvesting ingredients with zero chemical use which maintains soil fertility.
The story of Oway stems from the small farm Ortofficina on the hills of Bologna in Italy. This farm specialises in medicinal herbs grown with biodynamic methods giving it a deep bond with nature. As a result, there’s a strong focus on caring for the soil by keeping it pure and free of pesticides. The benefit of this is seen in the quality of the ingredients which is what gives the product line its superlative quality.
This falls in line with the brand’s stringent way of doing things. Each ingredient that goes into Oway’s products are carefully studied to cater for the scalp and hair so that the final product can be prescribed by hair stylists in a professional salon environment. Only the most effective active ingredients and extracts are selected for each formulation in order to pursue a healthy and positive way of life. Oway is recognized by PETA Cruelty-free in the United States. They are also certified organic.
Oway prides itself in being a holistic brand even through the production phase. Formulations are kept in amber glass and packed into aluminium boxes to ensure that the ingredients are well-preserved. The packaging can also be recycled continuously as Oway recommends its customers to do or reuse it for something else.
I have been using the Oway Frequent use hair and scalp bath for a few weeks now and my hair is loving it. It does not foam up much like other shampoos so I feel two pumps are necessary but it is effective yet gentle. It leaves my hair soft, silky and moisturised. I absolutely love the citrus scent this shampoo has.
Oway’s Frequent use hair and scalp bath active ingredients:
Biodynamic lemon – keeps hair shiny.
Organic white tea – anti-aging and protects.
Ethically-produced Anisata – antiseptic and antibacterial.
I have noticed my scalp does not itch at all using this shampoo like it normally does. It’s pH 5.5 – 6.5 and it suits even the most sensitive scalp types. This cost R360 for 240ml. It is beautifully packaged in a glass brown bottle with a pump for convenience.
I used the shampoo in conjunction with the Oway Frequent use conditioner. The conditioner is moisturising but not too rich and helps with detangling. I leave it in for about 3 minutes and it does a great job of enriching my hair with the same active ingredients as the shampoo. Both products are paraben, petrolatum, synthentic fragrance, PEGS, OG & BBG, EDTA and artificial colorant free. No nasties!
The Oway frequent use conditioner costs R375 for 240ml. You can find them at Sorbet Drybar’s and Sorbet Man stores. They have range for Curly hair types and men too! To find out more about Oway, check them out here.


The Oway Frequent use hair and scalp bath and conditioner products (mentioned in this blog post), and their Materia solid oil bar for face pictured below is up for grabs for one lucky reader. See the rules below.

Giveaway rules:

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  • Comment on this blog post and let me know what your hair struggle is, please also leave your email address & Instagram handle so I may contact you.

The winner will be announced on Instagram (FOLLOW HERE) This giveaway will end on 31st May at midnight. Winner must follow all rules. Competition only open to South African residents.
xx Miss Dhanusha
This post is Sponsored by Oway South Africa.

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  1. Janel Sunderlall

    I struggle with thinning hair which is frizzy and dull🙈
    Ig) @janelsunderlall

  2. Anusha Naidoo

    Subscribed to YouTube channel.
    I suffer with dry hair which makes my hair look dull and lifeless. And frequently have scalp itchiness.

    1. Terri

      I struggle with damaged hair quite a lot. I do everything I can to keep my hair healthy and shiny, but chemicals do damage.

  3. _jamie__bennett_

    Wow what a lovely review 😍👌
    I really struggle with an itchy scalp as I am natural, my hair is wet alot which causes alot of build up
    Keep up the lovely reviews

  4. Juliet Pastor

    Very sensitive scalp. Currently treating allergic reaction to hair dye. Cut a very short pixie cut last week to make it easier to treat. Would love to test. My skin has become super sensitive since entering perimenopause. Fingers crossed xxx Thank you for your content!

  5. mildbrown

    I have frizzy and dry hair 🙁 currently trying natural products to add life to my hair. I’d love to try Oway’s products!

    1. Taylor Poole

      My hair is always so dry and dull which then makes me feel so self-conscious about my hair. Also at times my hair is way too oily and I do sometime get dandruff which sucks 😦

  6. Tracy

    My hair is very dry and damaged at the moment due to recently coloring it. I’d love to win this Oway shampoo and conditioner to try out on my hair. Insta handle @liam.and.cole

  7. seangoesnatural

    I am struggling with seasonal dry scalp (can someone say ITCHY!) and shedding- I’d love to see what OWay can do for me!
    Instagram: @seangoesnatural

  8. bushraakamaldien

    I am struggling with dry ends and frizzy brittle hair. Instagram – @bushraa.lab

  9. Daniela Cardoso

    The products sound amazing! I suffer with PCOS which wreaks havoc on my hair resulting in hair fallout, frizz and dryness. I have tried so many hair products and have yet to find one that can help, so I am super excited to about trying this brand.
    IG: @dubbiesmurf

  10. Susana Pillay

    Definitely struggle with dehydrated hair :(.. & this range with all its goodness sounds amazing! Been subscriber to your channel ♥ Love supporting local.

  11. judy padayachee

    l suffer with oily hair. @padayacheejudy

  12. LivingItUpCT

    Love that Oway is not only good for you, but the environment too. Sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients are so important. I find that my hair tends to get dry and lacklustre at times. I also battle with a flaky scalp. I would LOVE to win these gorgeous products to see how they can help my hair go from drab to FAB! 🙂

    1. Robin Fielding

      Hi Miss Dhanusha,
      These products sounds great.
      My current hair struggle is dryness at my ends. I’ve had a trim but I still experience some dryness.

  13. tiaras0525

    This product looks and sounds amazing! I suffer with severe hair loss and my hair is dry, brittle and lifeless. I’ve tried many hair loss shampoos but it never helps, it actually makes it worse. I really want to start using natural products on my hair. Not only is it good for our hair, but it’s also good for the environment!! I want voluminous and shiny hair and I hope this shampoo could bring ‘life’ back into my hair.
    Love your insta feed! Also keep up the good work on your YouTube account!
    Email: tiaras0525@gmail.com
    Insta: tiaras_0525

  14. Carmel hargreaves

    My struggle is frizz and my hair doesnt feel soft after a good wash.. my hair falls alot …

  15. Mika govender

    Loving that it’s safe for me and the environment, its about time people start supporting these brands, I also love the lemon ingredient.
    My struggle is definitely oily hair, if I set it once it becomes oily within hours! So sad, also I have product build up that makes it difficult to have bouncy, voluminous and shiny hair.
    Been one of your first YouTube supporters!

  16. Phadu_queen

    I have very thin hair that breaks every time i try to comb it. I even have a scalp that is iching every second of a minute and my hair don’t grow. I would love to win this amazing prize and put it to the test and enjoy my hair.

  17. Carla Van Der Westhuizen

    When I was pregnant, I had gorgeous lush hair! When I was breastfeeding it was even better! Now two years later my hair is frizzy, breaking and dry. I even cut 20cm off it to try get it to feel better. Instagram is @carlavdwesty. I have subscribed to your Youtube. Email is princesscarla06@yahoo.com

  18. Lynette Govender

    I am currently struggling with dull lifeless hair, hair thinning as well as scalp sensitivity…ive tried everything in the market with no satisfaction. I need that one product to save me!!!!!!

  19. reallifemumsite

    I cant manage the frizz without a little help. After pregnancy my hair has been thinner and has so much volume after washing.I Would love to try out Oway products on my hair. Your hair looks amazing!

  20. Cathy Badenhorst

    Really battle with dry and frizzy hair, this product sounds amazing to try

  21. Cathy Badenhorst

    Really battle with dry and frizzy hair, this product sounds amazing to try
    IG @cathybadcar

  22. Donna

    My hair is very thin and flat and also gets oily very quickly.
    Email: donnaleighb@gmail.com
    Insta : @donamoodz

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