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Five romantic destinations on our couples wishlist

Hey weirdos, I know it’s been forever since I have been here. I have been focusing on my Youtube channel but what better reason than love to revive the blog.

February is the month of love but just because it’s coming to an end, it doesn’t mean you can’t travel with your loved one. Together with Travelstart, my partner and I picked out five romantic cities for you to experience on your next couple’s retreat. You can create a romantic experience wherever you go, but these are on top five on our list.

Zurich, Switzerland

At the surface, Zurich may be Switzerland’s financial district but the 17th century city offers a multitude of cultural and architectural marvels. The highlight of this city is Lake Zurich which extends for three kilometres long several restaurants, cafes and other historic landmarks.

Experience breathtaking views at Uetliberg, the city’s summit from which you can take in Zurich’s fields, rivers and snow-tipped Alps. In-between the modern hustle and bustle, lies classical experiences such as walking through the Altstadt or gazing at the Fraumünster and Niederdorf in their glory.

Explore the edges of the city via the Limmat Cruise along the lake or the Dolderbahn down the railway that has been running for over 125 years.

Santorini, Greece

This breathtaking island, situated it the South Aegean region, hosts an array of romantic sanctuaries along the coastline. Santorini is famous for its traditional lime washed architecture and premium wine tasting experiences. During the summer, the Mediterranean waters make for an inviting swim and are a pleasure to experience with an evening with a sunset cruise.

If you just want to absorb the natural setting around you, Santorini has access to several hiking paths that offer stellar views. The small island is also known for its mouth-watering cuisines, so finding a place to wine and dine will never be a worry. If you say gyro, I will fall in love all over again, I mean if I eat a gyro in Greece. The way to my heart is food but it’s the same for my partner.

Santorini love

Ronda, Spain

This 18th century town, situated in Malaga is a small city that sits atop a mountain gazing over a deep gorge. The cobblestone alleys guide you to numerous historic landmarks that date back to the early 19th century. The highlight is the Puente Nuevo Bridge which joins the two sectors together and offer impeccable views of the El Tajo gorge.

Throughout the city, quaint gardens are scattered such as the Mondragon Palace and the Palace of the Moorish King and the Water Mine. Remnants of the Arab residents can be seen at the Baños Arabes and Arabic walls and city gates. As a prominent wine region, Ronda also has its own wine route on which you can enjoy an assortment of flavours.


Shimoda, Japan

Sitting in Japan’s southern Izu peninsula is this quiet costal town which offers a number of beaches to enjoy; the Ryugu Sea Cave is a prime destination to experience the warm waters. The city also boasts a number of historic landmarks such as Shiroyama Park and Ryosenji temple.

Enjoy the view of cherry blossoms along Hongo and Aonogawafurusato Park and the unique and atmospheric setting of Perry Road.


Terni, Italy

Any romantic destination list wouldn’t be complete without Terni. The dying place of Saint Valentine hosts a plethora of outdoor attractions and historic landmarks such as the Cascata delle Marmore Falls and Parco Fluviale del Nera.

Architectural marvels include the well-preserved Carsulae and Roman Amphitheatre which date back to 300 BC. Most importantly, is the Basilica san Valentino which is the resting place of Saint Valentine, beneath the main altar, encapsulated in a gold death mask.

In Terni, you can also treat your loved one to some divine cuisine scattered throughout the city. Of course, the wine experiences goes without saying. Romantic walks can be had through the gracious settings of Spoleto and the Nera River. If you love sunflowers, you will enjoy the spectacular Sunflower hill in Terni.

Terni Italy

Love is in the air even if you are single, you never know where you could bump into your next partner. Have a look on Travelstart website to book your next romantic destination. Let me know your favourite romantic cities… I would love to hear from you.

Until next post,

xx Miss Dhanusha

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