8 Benefits of Yoga Including Mental Health

Yoga is an ancient set of physical, mental and spiritual practices that originated in Northern India. I learned asanas as a child, these are poses. I didn’t know the many other benefits of it until recently. When lockdown begin I started watching Yoga by Adrinne. This year I was invited to join an online class called Satya Yoga & Wellness, this helped my practice immensly and I have felt many benefits since.

Benefits of yoga

  1. Improves flexibility – Yoga movements include stretches and poses that improve your bodies flexibility. I was quite amazed at what my body could do while doing yoga. I enjoy the SATYA Yoga classes as they warm up your muscles and teach you stretches to help your wrists.
  2. Helps build strengthYoga is a strength based practice. It uses your body weight to make you stronger and increase muscle tone. It’s not like weight training regimes that isolate movements, yoga is a whole-body workout. It builds strength you can use in your everyday activities.
  3. Better posture – As you build build strength and flexibility, your posture does improves. This is because you are building your core muscles which help you to stand “tall.”
  4. Improves joint health– Vinyasa yoga and ashtanga yoga are considered the most athletic types of yoga, and are the basis for “power yoga” classes. Both types of classes are good for building and maintaining muscle that will help support arthritis joints.
  5.  Reduces stress – Yoga is a relaxation practice, this is the opposite of stress. This is one of the major benefits for me as it uses breathing techniques and meditation. It really helps me manage my stress and even though we are living the most difficult times of our life, yoga is helping me through it.
  6. Helps you sleep better – As yoga is a mindfulness practice that incorporates breathing, stretching and meditation, together they set you up for a better night’s rest. It’s naturally calming and relaxing properties are the best night-time routine I have had. My sleep has improved immensely when it comes to the quality.
  7. Improves heart health – When you practice yoga you improve your blood circulation and flow. It also helps lower blood pressure, cholesterol and your heart rate.
  8. Increased energy and better mood – By improving circulation in the endocrine glands, a consistent yoga practice enhances the functions of hormones that play a primary role in the physiology of depression. This results in a reduction in depression and improved overall mood. You also feel a boost in your alertness, increased mental and physical energy and enthusiasm.

Overall yoga has changed my life for the better. I enjoyed the SATYA Yoga classes so much I was able to get a discount code for you. Use “missdhanusha” for 20% off and the first week is free. Contact them here. This is not sponsored, I truly think we can all benefit from doing yoga.

Here’s my YouTube review and 3 month yoga journey:

xx Miss Dhanusha

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