Coming Home To Self – Adult Colouring Book


Diverse and inclusive South African Adult Colouring Book featuring all different women in all body shapes and sizes as well as affirmations.

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Created with a diverse range of women and inclusive body shapes and sizes, this adult colouring book with affirmations is aimed to help you be mindful and reduce stress while simultaneously fostering a better relationship with your inner self and body. There are fine details, beautiful designs and real life looking bodies with scars, freckles and tattoos.

Adult colouring books present an opportunity to be mindful, creative, relieve stress and provide relaxation.
“A simple act, such as colouring, takes your attention away from yourself (and those things that are stressing you out!) and onto the present-moment event. “In this way, it is very much like a meditative exercise,” Dr. Bea says.

Benefits of adult colouring books:

Relaxes Your Brain and Improves Brain Function.
Induces Meditative State.
Improves Motor Skills.
Improves Sleep.
Improves Focus.
Reduces Anxiety.
Relieves Stress.

Allow yourself the time and pleasure of adult colouring and enjoy this unique colouring book.

Use with colour pencils, crayons or whatever you prefer on regular paper.

32 pages. Made with recyclable materials.

Created by women for women.

Designed & Produced in South Africa.

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